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Bill Slevin and The Paranormal Existence Research Society (P.E.R.S.)

In the realm of the paranormal, where skepticism battles with belief, one man sought to form a team that would transcend the boundaries of drama and misconception. Bill Slevin, a seasoned investigator with over 35 years of experience, embarked on a mission to assemble a group of dedicated individuals who shared his vision of providing genuine assistance and conducting thorough research. Thus, in 2013, The Paranormal Existence Research Society (P.E.R.S.) was born. Since its inception, the team has grown beyond borders, establishing branches in multiple states across the United States, as well as internationally in Italy, Greece, and the UK.

Getting the PERS Gang Together

After years of working with various paranormal teams, Bill grew tired of internal conflicts and encountering individuals who lacked the necessary expertise to genuinely assist people in need. Determined to make a difference, he formed P.E.R.S. with the intention of assembling a small yet remarkable team that possessed a genuine passion for helping others and conducting thorough investigations.

After his friends moved out of state, Bill took it upon himself to meticulously handpick each member of his team. A careful selection process ensured that only the most dedicated and compassionate individuals joined the ranks of P.E.R.S. The goal was to cultivate a team that would go beyond blindly attributing every sound or occurrence to the paranormal, focusing instead on providing authentic support and conducting meticulous research.

Bill sought individuals who possessed a genuine dedication to assisting those in need, irrespective of whether their experiences were paranormal or not. Compassion was a fundamental characteristic, as understanding and empathizing with the struggles of others formed the cornerstone of their work. 

As the reputation of P.E.R.S. grew, so did the team’s reach. In addition to their branches across multiple states in the U.S., P.E.R.S. established international teams in Italy, Greece, and the UK. This expansion allowed society to explore diverse cultural perspectives on the paranormal, fostering cross-cultural collaboration and enriching their collective understanding of the unknown.

With over 500 investigations under his belt, Bill has become a specialist in demonology, while the team is comprised of residential specialists, meaning they primarily investigate claims of paranormal activity in people’s homes. These unexplained phenomena can range from eerie sounds and unexplained movements to apparitions and encounters with otherworldly entities.

The Decision to Focus on Residental Hauntings

For Bill, the decision to focus on residential investigations stems from an unwavering desire to help people. While historical sites and public locations hold their own allure for investigation, the team’s true calling lies in providing support and solace to those who are affected by the unexplained. Each investigation is approached with empathy, respect, and dedication to uncovering the truth. Bill’s team operates as a non-profit organization, ensuring that financial barriers never stand in the way of assisting those in need.

As I spoke with Bill we started talking about compelling investigations and one case stands out as a testament to the power of perseverance and an unwavering commitment to finding answers. It was a case that took place in New Jersey in 1991, when a family claimed to be haunted, experiencing a range of distressing symptoms. This is the captivating story of how an investigation unfolded, revealing an unexpected twist and ultimately freeing the family from their torment.

In a quiet neighborhood in New Jersey, a family found themselves trapped in a nightmarish scenario. They reported a litany of haunting experiences that included nausea, headaches, and sightings of full apparitions. What made this case particularly perplexing was that each family member, from the parents to the three children, experienced these phenomena simultaneously. Compounded by the era’s limited knowledge of the paranormal and prevailing stigma, the family lived in constant fear, concerned that they would be dismissed as mentally unstable.

Bill assembled a dedicated team to delve into the family’s harrowing experiences. A thorough investigation was conducted and, despite their efforts, no conclusive proof emerged during their initial visits. Even the inclusion of a psychic consultant failed to detect anything unusual, leaving the team perplexed yet determined to uncover the truth.

Driven by an unyielding desire to help the family, Bill embarked on a novel approach to the investigation. Aware of the potential impact of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on human well-being, he decided to examine the family’s electrical system in greater detail. Collaborating with a friend from the electrical field, armed with specialized EMF meters, they ventured into the home once again.

Their findings were nothing short of astonishing. Within the confines of the basement, where the family’s living room stood directly above, an astonishing amount of EMF emanated from the breaker box. Unlike random fluctuations, the levels recorded were consistently high, creating an environment that could induce the very symptoms the family had experienced. This revelation was the pivotal moment that shed light on the true cause of their haunting.

Armed with this crucial information, Bill and his team presented their findings to the family, advising them to address the underlying issue with their electrical system. The family wasted no time in following the recommendations, promptly seeking professional help to rectify the EMF emissions. As the repairs progressed and the electrical system returned to normal, a transformation occurred within the household. The haunting experiences ceased entirely, replaced by a newfound sense of peace and security.

For the family, the revelation that their distressing encounters had a rational explanation was nothing short of a miracle. The relief and joy they experienced were immeasurable, as they could finally resume a normal, fear-free existence in their own home. This extraordinary case not only exemplifies the power of scientific investigation but also underscores the importance of comprehensive exploration and understanding. Bill’s dedication to finding the truth allowed this family to reclaim their lives from the clutches of the supernatural.

Investigating Paranormal Phenomena

When it comes to investigating paranormal phenomena, Bill and his team adopt a comprehensive approach that combines intuition and scientific methods. As an IT expert with over 30 years of experience and a background in working with psychiatric and addiction treatment facilities, Bill brings a unique perspective to the team. This background has given him insights into distinguishing between paranormal occurrences and manifestations of psychiatric illness or addiction, allowing the team to approach cases with clarity and sensitivity.

Their primary objective during investigations is to debunk any possible explanations for the reported phenomena. Bill and his team firmly believe that if an occurrence can be explained, it ceases to be paranormal. Although Bill possesses an extensive array of equipment, they selectively utilize only the devices that provide reliable evidence in residential cases. Typically, the team relys on audio, video, and environmental equipment that measures factors like EMF readings, temperature fluctuations, and humidity changes. These tools, combined with their intuition, allow them to gather compelling evidence.

While other equipment may be exciting to use and can yield intriguing results, Bill reserve their usage for public historical investigations rather than residential cases. They focus is on employing tools that can produce viable evidence and contribute to their understanding of paranormal phenomena.

In addition to employing scientific techniques and equipment, Bill and his team approach investigations with a caring and empathetic demeanor. Each member of Bill’s team possesses exceptional interpersonal skills and acts as a counselor to their clients. By establishing trust and creating a comfortable environment, their clients often feel more inclined to share important details that may contribute to the understanding of the situation. This compassionate approach greatly aids in the teams’ investigations.

In some instances, Bill and his team have encountered paranormal occurrences that have left them unable to provide a clear explanation or debunk the phenomenon. In such cases, they understand the importance of seeking additional expertise and perspectives. With the teams’ diverse backgrounds and extensive education, both within the team and through collaborations with external professionals, they ensure that they have a broad range of knowledge to draw upon.

 The PERS team believes in thorough investigation and exploration, and if necessary, they will reach out to others who may possess specialized skills or insights. When it comes to communicating their findings, they approach it with great caution.  They understand that clients look to them as professionals and rely on their expertise. Therefore, they are mindful of the information they share, ensuring that they do not unintentionally cause undue distress or fear. Bills primary focus is on providing accurate and thoughtful explanations while maintaining the well-being of their clients throughout the process.

Addressing the Skeptics

Addressing skeptics and critics of paranormal investigations is an inherent part of Bill’s work. While they understand that there will always be individuals attempting to discredit peoples’ efforts, the team remains focused on their methodology and approach. It is important to note that Bill’s team does not approach investigations with a belief that everything is paranormal. On the contrary, everyone maintains a skeptical mindset, diligently exploring conventional explanations before considering extraordinary ones. During lectures or panel discussions, they will occasionally present compelling evidence that they have captured and deem worthy of sharing. However, it is essential to clarify that the PERS Team’s intention is not to convince anyone to believe in the paranormal. Instead, they aim to provide an opportunity for others to witness the work they do and the experiences they encounter. Ultimately, their personal experiences serve as the most significant evidence that reinforces their beliefs, guides, and continued exploration of the paranormal realm.

Ongoing Research

While PERS does not currently have any ongoing research projects, it is worth mentioning that several members of the team, excluding the newer additions, are actively involved in the Warren Legacy Foundation for paranormal research. This foundation, established by Chris McKinnell (the grandson of Ed and Lorraine Warren) along with Lorraine Warren before her passing, is dedicated to preserving and carrying forward the remarkable legacy of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Within the foundation, they meticulously document and store all case data and evidence in a comprehensive database. This repository serves as a valuable resource for continued research and exploration in the realm of the paranormal. By contributing to this collective effort, PERS aims to further the understanding of these phenomena and make meaningful contributions to the field.

For individuals interested in pursuing a career or involvement in paranormal investigations, Bills advice is to prioritize learning and gaining practical experience. It’s crucial to avoid relying solely on television shows or YouTube videos as sources of knowledge. Instead, seek out opportunities to join an experienced team or visit actual locations associated with paranormal activity. The field of paranormal investigations is constantly evolving, and there is still much that remains unknown. Thinking outside the box and acquiring a diverse range of knowledge is essential.

To excel in this field, it is crucial to have a broad understanding of various disciplines. Familiarize yourself with subjects such as photography, mental illness, addiction, metaphysics, psychology, and energy. This comprehensive knowledge base will help you approach investigations with a well-rounded perspective.

Moreover, it is vital to determine your specific focus within the paranormal field. Do you want to engage in amateur ghost hunting for recreational purposes, or are you more inclined towards conducting professional residential investigations to assist people? These two avenues require different levels of expertise. While public ghost hunting may not require extensive knowledge, residential investigations involve working with individuals and families in vulnerable situations. In such cases, having a deep understanding of the potential psychological and emotional factors involved is crucial. Mishandling these situations can cause significant harm. For instance, if someone with schizophrenia reports paranormal experiences, mistaking their condition for supernatural phenomena can exacerbate their distress.

Finally, it’s important to acknowledge that paranormal investigations generally do not generate substantial financial gains. Most investigations are conducted without charging fees. Therefore, entering this field should be driven by a genuine passion for understanding the unknown rather than seeking financial rewards.

Future Plans For PERS

Looking ahead, Bill and the PERS team have several projects and plans in the pipeline. However, their core objectives remain consistent. First and foremost, they are committed to providing the highest level of professional assistance to individuals in need, regardless of whether the issues they face are paranormal or not. Their goal is to genuinely help people and make a positive impact in their lives.

Secondly, they are dedicated to educating the public about the paranormal. Given the abundance of misinformation circulating, they strive to provide accurate and reliable information to dispel confusion and foster a better understanding of what is genuinely real in the field. By sharing knowledge and experiences, the hope is to contribute to a more informed and discerning public perception of the paranormal.

Lastly, the team is driven to continue conducting research and expanding our understanding of the paranormal. PERS is actively seek opportunities to gather real data and insights that can contribute to the advancement of the field. By staying engaged in ongoing research and learning, the aim is to contribute meaningful contributions that further our collective understanding of the paranormal phenomena.

In terms of upcoming events, Bill will be attending the Fantasm Orlando Horror and Paranormal Convention from September 15th to 17th as a celebrity guest, alongside some members of his team. They will participate in various panels throughout the weekend, offering insights and expertise. This convention, held at the Doubletree Hotel at the Entrance to Universal, promises to be an exciting and informative gathering. Additionally, the team will be hosting their yearly Halloween Special Event at the Coconut Creek Library on October 21st, from 2pm to 4pm. This event is open to the public and free of charge, providing an opportunity for individuals to engage with them and learn more about the paranormal.

For more details on these events and other scheduled activities, please visit their websites: billslevin.com and persfl.com. I encourage everyone interested in the paranormal to meet with them at these events and stay connected with their ongoing endeavors.

Learn More About Bill

Bill Slevin is a distinguished figure in the field of paranormal investigations, renowned as the Founder and Lead Paranormal Investigator of The Paranormal Existence Research Society (P.E.R.S.). Based in Coral Springs, FL, P.E.R.S. boasts teams across various locations including FL, NE, UK, Italy, and Greece. With an impressive 35 years of experience in the paranormal field, Bill’s fascination with the unknown began in his childhood as he navigated his own personal experiences.

As an empath, Bill has worked alongside numerous paranormal experts from around the globe, contributing to his extensive knowledge and expertise. His specialization lies in residential hauntings, having participated in over 500 residential investigations, offering invaluable assistance to those seeking answers and solace. Bill’s dedication to helping others has been unwavering throughout the years.

Recognized worldwide, Bill has made appearances on television, radio, podcasts, magazines, and newspapers, sharing his insights and experiences. Notably, he can be seen in the new Shock Doc series on The Travel Channel titled “The Devil’s Academy,” which is also available for streaming on Discovery+.

In addition to his investigative work, Bill serves as the Regional Director of the Southeast US and Director of Development for The Warren Legacy Foundation for Paranormal Research. Founded by Chris McKinnell, the grandson of Ed and Lorraine Warren, this foundation operates with a strong commitment to ethical and compassionate assistance for individuals in need.

Bill’s passion for continuous learning is evident as he pursues his PHD in Parapsychology, Paranormal Science, and Metaphysical Humanistic Science. He is a respected parapsychologist and a recognized specialist in demonology, having been involved in numerous challenging cases involving dark and demonic entities. With a background in technology spanning three decades, Bill’s expertise extends to areas such as photography and CCTV cameras, enhancing the technical aspects of paranormal investigations.

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Beyond his investigative work, Bill thrives as a paranormal educator and public speaker. He actively engages in enlightening the public on various paranormal topics and the mysteries of the unknown. His team can be seen at libraries, conventions, schools, and public events across the United States, offering educational and insightful presentations.

Driven by his passion for the paranormal and dedication to advancing the field, Bill Slevin has become a respected figure, leaving an indelible mark on the industry he loves.

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