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Bizarre remains found on UK beach looks like baby Nessie

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Bizarre remains found on UK beach looks like baby Nessie

Bizarre remains found on UK beach looks like baby Nessie

Images of a bizarre looking sea creature have been shared on Reddit after it washed up dead on a UK beach, with guesses as to what it could be ranging from ‘demon’ to ‘baby Nessie’

A peculiar creature, known as ‘baby Nessie’, has sparked confusion and wonderment among beach-goers after its carcass washed up on a British shoreline.

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The person who stumbled upon the animal’s remains created a post with pictures of it on r/CasualUK Reddit, thus sharing their discovery.

They wrote: “Found this on the beach the other day, anyone know what it is?”

The creature appears to have a flat, rounded head, four legs or fins of varying sizes, and a long tail. Its body is dark grey in color with white spots on its head right down to the tail.

Baffled Reddit users rushed to the comments section to guess what it could be, with one comparing it to a “sleep paralysis demon”.

“Baby Loch Ness Monster,” was another suggestion, although the images are far too clear for it to be Nessie.

People had various ideas: ranging from a mythical creature to an extinct marine reptile – the liopleurodon. This carnivorous species lived during the Late Jurassic Period and is now lost in time.

For those who took the time to actually look deeper into the white markings, they were able to provide a more accurate depiction of what scientists believe liopleurodon may have looked like.

One suggestion explained: “It’s clearly a ray without any wings and likely male by its claspers. It was most likely processed at sea before being discarded overboard.”

Everyone else with prior sea fishing know-how unanimously stated that the fish was most likely some species of ray. It is possible, they reasoned, its wings had either been chopped off by fishermen or consumed by a predator.

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