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Blue orb shaped UFO filmed in Australian sky

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As Roger Matthews watched from his home in the suburbs of Darwin, a vivid blue hue suddenly lit up the night sky. Upon further inspection with his camera, he realized that it was an unidentified flying object! It had come to visit our small town all the way from deep within Australia’s Northern Territory.

In quick succession, a minimum of six brilliant blue spheres emerged from the darkness and filled Girraween’s night sky. The silent airborne orbs lingered above Mr. Matthew’s residence without explanation.

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“We watched them for about 20 minutes until the neck started to cramp up,” Mr. Matthews said.

“They were like an orb, imploding and exploding and then coming back into themselves.” The croc catcher said the experience was “bizarre” but at the same time “pretty cool”. “It was a crazy night with several orbs exploding then reforming just to explode again, and repeat the cycle.

Picture by Roger Matthews

“The explosion was always perfectly round and contained.”

The Darwinite expressed his confusion regarding the unidentified flying objects hovering above his residence.

“How can you explain that? “I have no idea what they were doing or why.”

Roger Matthews, a Croc catcher by trade, is an adamant believer that the orbs were sent from “the spirit world”. Nonetheless, a hobby gold prospector with in-depth experience exploring the Outback adamantly insisted that what he was seeing weren’t mysterious Minmin lights.

With stories of mysterious disappearances in the Australian bush, Minmin lights have been brewing myths and legends for generations.

“Minmin lights are an energy phenomenon. I have seen them before, in the desert in 1985,” Mr Matthews said.

“It was a truly wonderful experience. Minmin lights are vastly different.”

The Darwin family man voiced his conviction that the luminous shapes he observed in the sky above his abode were what he identifies as “orbs”. “Orbs are contained energy which we know little about,” he said. “They are also balls of life.

“I think it was a visit from the spirit world. But I really don’t know what they wanted.

“But the spirit world is watching us.”

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