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Cryptozoologist followed by ‘Sasquatch’ in NJ woods

Cryptozoologist followed by ‘Sasquatch’ in NJ woods

A New Jersey-based cryptozoologist experienced a shocking event while exiting a South Jersey wildlife area; he was able to capture photographs of an otherworldly creature pursuing him.

Despite what you may think, it wasn’t the Jersey Devil — according to him, he saw Bigfoot!

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Recently, YouTube user “Man of Light” has been traversing the wilds of South Jersey searching for creatures such as Sasquatch and a mysterious Dogman. He recently uploaded a video that reveals an enigmatic tall, dark figure trailing him along the railroad tracks.

Man of Light was hopeful that his video camera would work, however it had no charge. Therefore, he decided to take some photographs of the mysterious figure which he suspected could be Bigfoot.

He says the Sasquatch wasn’t the only entity out there with him. Someone (or something) else had its eyes on him from the trees.

After one week, he used a GAUSS meter to detect the magnetism in that area with the goal of determining where supernatural creatures may come from other “dimensions” and make their way into ours. For years, he has been posting videos on YouTube displaying various encounters around South Jersey; these have mainly taken place at Menantico Ponds located in Millville.

Joe Kelly, a renowned local DJ, has observed the videos and even searched for Bigfoot in the Menantico Ponds region multiple years ago without any luck. Despite his best efforts to spot this mythical creature, he had no such success.

The Bigfoot Research Organization hosts a “Bigfoot Hunt” in the Garden State every year, and this year has expeditions scheduled in both North and South Jersey.

The North Jersey expedition is scheduled from April 27-30, led by Larry Rippon. The South Jersey expedition is scheduled in the Pine Barrens region from June 8-11, and led by Eric Spinner.

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