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Funeral home owner turns casket into a BBQ grill

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Funeral home owner turns casket into a BBQ grill

Funeral home owner turns casket into a BBQ grill

Have you seen a casket grill yet? While DIY grills are certainly nothing new, with car trunks or engine compartments often retrofitted into makeshift barbecue stations. In fact, my wife’s grandfather turned an old school bus into a mobile smoker and bbq joint back in the 60s.

the idea of turning an old casket into a functioning kitchen appliance is definitely something I never thought of!

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Vincent Doletin, who runs a funeral shop in the Philippines, was struck with an innovative vision after witnessing the popular Coffin Dance meme storm across social media. He resolved to repurpose one of his unused caskets into a BBQ station – and he succeeded. As told by Coconuts Manila, this unique transformation has given new life to traditional grilling methods – so put on your dancing shoes and fire up that grill.

“I have a lot of coffin stocks, but this particular casket I turned into a grill was given to me by my friend from Santo Tomas, Pampanga,” Doletin said.

Doletin revealed that he and his cousin worked together for two entire days to construct the coffin grill, complete with a cooler at the bottom. Assembling it was no easy feat.

Could Will Doletin’s creative concept ignite any innovative business ideas? For the time being, he expressed that this inventive BBQ station is purely for his personal use.

“It’s just so my family and I have something to use if we go to the beach or the pool. It’s just at my house,” he said.

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