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Haunted House Chronicles: They Only Lasted A Month

For one couple, the dream of owning a historic...

Project Delphos UFOs and interdimensional beings

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Garden Ghost? Mysterious Figure on Security Camera

Julie, a mother of four, has been left intrigued by what she believes could be the ghostly apparition of an elderly man captured on her security camera. The figure, she notes, has a distinctly hunched-over posture, leading her to speculate that it might be an otherworldly presence. Julie describes the spectral figure as if it were leisurely wandering around her garden, intermittently bending over and even appearing to wear a headlamp on its head.

Despite her initial disbelief in the supernatural, Julie dismisses the possibility of the entity being a mere trick of light or an insect caught on camera. She firmly asserts that such explanations would not account for the figure’s passage through her garden fence. She recalls her discovery, saying, “I initially thought it might be a rat or a hedgehog in my garden, which prompted me to check the security footage. That night, I noticed something white on the recording, but it didn’t correspond to any motion or activity. It was quite startling, though I wasn’t frightened because I’m not a believer in ghosts.”

Julie explains that the figure appeared near her garden shed, seemingly emerging from it. She promptly shared the footage with friends who remarked that it resembled an elderly man moving about, frequently bending over. The figure’s movements gave the impression of someone engaged in routine activities. However, the mysterious headlamp on its head left her puzzled.

“It’s not a typical headtorch, but I can’t be certain,” Julie says. “What’s intriguing is that the light appears to pass through the fence, ruling out the possibility of someone shining a flashlight. It’s definitely not a spider; we’ve seen those on the camera, and they appear as bright white specks moving across. I’ve never witnessed anything like this before, and I don’t check my security cameras daily—it was purely by chance.”

Despite her initial skepticism, Julie now considers herself more open to the idea of spirits. She stresses that she won’t jump to conclusions over minor occurrences like seeing a white butterfly or finding a feather, but this particular incident has left her genuinely puzzled. Even her husband found the footage surprising.

Julie has not experienced any further encounters since the incident in April 2022. However, she intends to investigate the area and delve into its history to determine if there might be any connections to the enigmatic figure. She plans to keep an eye out for similar phenomena in the future, particularly in the vicinity of her shed.

After sharing the video online, it garnered significant attention, with many viewers speculating about its nature. Some suggested it was a spirit equipped with a headlamp, while others hailed it as one of the most compelling paranormal videos they had seen. Some even proposed that it resembled a farmer or farmworker tending to fields. Nevertheless, others remained skeptical, attributing the shape to a spider or a person walking in the garden.

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