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Ghostly Figure Caught On Camera At New Forest Cemetery


Ghostly Figure Caught On Camera At New Forest Cemetery

What do you do on a date night when there is nothing playing at the theater that you want to see. Well, that’s an easy answer you talk about ghosts.

Amir Jardan and his partner Amy could not find anything to do so the conversation turned to ghosts. Amy was skeptical about the idea, that is until they caught a ghostly figure on camera.

Jardan called his Aunt Suzanne up after the conversation turned a bit spooky. Suzanne belonged to a ghost hunting team in the ’90s and Jardan was looking for some insight on where the couple could go.

Suzanne suggested the East Boldre Cemetery in the New Forest as a possible spot as she had heard “a number of stories” about the strange activity.

The spontaneous couple and Aunt Suzanne all met up and the cemetery.

Amir said: “We arrived at the cemetery at around 11 pm. It was so hard to find as it’s in the middle of nowhere and it was pitch black. When we got there we felt okay and there was a nice feeling as it was such a warm, beautiful night with a touch of fog in the air.

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photo by Amir Jardan

“Amy and I sat on a bench, taking photos of the graves trying to capture any activity on our phones as my Aunt Suzanne ventured off and was walking around.

“I started taking a few pictures of this one spot when suddenly I captured something that hadn’t appeared before and didn’t appear in any photos after.

“We looked back through and captured what appears to be a man behind a gravestone popping up and looking at us. Naturally, we all freaked out because it was just so unexpected. We think we can make out a mustache and he looks to us like a man from the 1800s.”

Amir Jardan and his partner Amy

Soon after that, all three started hearing footsteps around them – despite there allegedly being nobody else in the area around the cemetery near Lymington.

Amir added: “When we heard that, we thought we’d better call it a night and get out of there. But we will be back for sure, hopefully, more prepared next time.”

The couple plans to put an all-nighter on Halloween to see if they can capture any more footage.

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