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Josh Highcliff “Skunk Ape” video is possibility best recorded footage

Josh Highcliff “Skunk Ape” video is possibility best recorded footage

This footage of an alleged creature resembling Bigfoot surfaced 8 years ago and people have been debating its existence ever since.

On October 28th, 2013, a hunter named Josh Highcliff uploaded a clip of what appeared to be large bipedal creature covered in dark hair onto his YouTube channel.

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A creature described as similar to a Louisiana ‘skunk ape’ was caught on film by 9pm near Tunica, Mississippi. The figure is shown crouched down and appearing to dig around a tree stump.

The creature slowly stands to its full height, revealing itself to be much taller than Highcliff had first thought. Highcliff turns and runs away from the creature in terror.

“There was this huge black thing crouched by a dead cypress about 50 yards away, I thought it was a hog but saw these big shoulders and a head upright with hands,” he wrote.

“It looked like it was digging out the stump. My first instinct was to run, I did not even think of shooting… then I know no one will believe me… it was like everything slowed down… I was scared!”

“I took out my iPhone and started videotaping it… I guess I pushed the record button twice cause it stopped blinking red… but I pushed it again. I hear a truck driving down the road and the thing stood up!! I was trying to be dead quiet… when it stood up I could not control myself and ran.”

“That stump was huge and I’d guess the sucker was 7 feet tall, I am a hunter and am pretty darn good at guessing size. That’s no bear!”

Although some people believe the video is fake, there are others who remain unconvinced. Even today, 8 years later, there are still those who insist that the video is real.

What are your thoughts? Did Josh capture a Skunk Ape on camera or is this some elaborate hoax?

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Source Unexplained Mysteries

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