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Monthly Horoscope For January 2022


Monthly Horoscope For January 2022

As 2022 begins to unfold, so will Jupiter’s journey through watery Pisces. This planetary placement is sure to have an intense effect on us all over the next several months, as it expands upon empathic and intuitive abilities. Try not to let others dump their emotions on you, especially if you’re a particularly sensitive empath. On a spiritual level, you should begin to feel more connected to the world around you, and Pisces especially will get to enjoy an extra dose of luck between now and May 10th. 

However, not all of the vibes this month are going to contribute to your psychic abilities. Venus, the planet of love and money will continue her regrade journey through Capricorn until the 19th. This energy can turn off your intuition like a switch, particularly if you’re not practicing self care. You may also feel some distance between you and anyone you’re connected to on a heart level, but try not to take things personally or worry too much, as this energy will begin to clear when the month comes to a close. 

You’ll also want to take note of any moments of clarity that pop into your brain, as Mercury begins its journey through Aquarius on the 2nd. Psychic downloads are also known to jump out when this energy is present, but you’ll want to write down any epiphanies that find you, otherwise you could forget them as quickly as you found them. Just watch out for mixed signals beginning on the 14th, when Mercury enters its retrograde journey. 


You may become too preoccupied within your professional life to focus on spiritual practices or studies right now, however, not staying on top of your meditation or magickal routines could have some serious effects on your intuition. Though your career will be on fire, it’s important that you’re taking out time for quiet and introspection, especially with Jupiter camped out in the sector of your chart that rules the subconscious. You know that the answers lie within, but if you don’t put in the work to sort through your psyche, you’ll never reach them. 

You’ll feel more connected to your friends and family on a psychic level once Mercury enters Aquarius, which could result in thinking of someone just before they text, finishing your friend’s sentences, and an increase of dream visitations from your nearest and dearest. Staying connected on a social level can help you battle any blocks your third eye is contending with, though you’ll need to watch for miscommunications once Mercy goes retrograde on the 14th. 

If you’re overdue for a ritualistic house blessing, use the energy from the Cancer full moon on the 17th to get witchy in your space. This is also a great time for hosting a seance with you witch friends, since your home will act as a bit of a paranormal portal during this time. Just remember to take precautions when it comes to protecting your space, or you could end up inviting in something that you weren’t quite intending to. 


With Venus, your ruling planet, heading retrograde through the sector of your chart that governs spirituality, you can count on some serious shifts this month. This planetary backspin could have you returning to practices you were brought up with, giving you an opportunity to reconnect with your spiritual roots without abandoning your personal evolution up until this point. Look for ways to incorporate the religious beliefs of your parents and grandparents with the modern and witchy flare you’ve cultivated over there years. You should also consider doing some ancestral work, since those that have crossed will be eager to guide and work with you. 

The Cancer full moon on the 17th will bring a cosmic focus to your natal third house, opening you up to psychic messages. Pay attention to your emotional shifts throughout the day, as it could be the result of you channeling your family or friends on an intuitive level. Should you feel your disposition change quickly, take a second to check in with your mind. If your brain and your heart are not in alignment, it’s possible you’re absorbing feelings that don’t belong to you. If you do find yourself in this position, you can recite the following phrase to clear out any energy that doesn’t belong to you: “Return to sender. I call in my protection.” 


Capricorn season will have you in the mood to get witchy, dear Gemini, as the sun shines a light in the sector of your chart that rules sex, death, and the occult. Just try not to go overboard with these good times, or you could find yourself pulling “The Devil” card in your next tarot spread. In all seriousness, January will be intense for you, and having a spiritual outlet to rely and focus on could be the saving grace your psyche needs right now. What’s perfect about this energy is that sticking to your studies should feel more organic, so if you’ve been wanting to study astrology, planetary magick, or any other esoteric topic– now is your chance. 

Though you’ll feel like your third eye is blazing right now, you should watch out for mixed signals when Mercury enters its retrograde motion on the 14th. This planetary backspin manifests in the sector of your chart that rules spirituality, which means you’ll be super open to messages from beyond. Unfortunately, these vibes can also open doors for tricksters to walk though, subtly throwing you off your intuitive game. Avoid making huge decisions based solely on a hunch and make sure you’re operating from a logical and pragmatic headspace, even if you’re certain the other side is guiding you. 


If you’re currently in a relationship, it may be time to set some boundaries, so you rededicate some of your focus and energy toward meditation and introspection. Since Capricorn season tends to be all about love for you, dear crab, taking a step away from bae could feel difficult. However, as a natural empath you tend to melt into your relationships, making it easier for you to lose yourself in someone else. Putting up walls doesn’t necessarily mean you have to leave them up forever, it’ll just help you remember where bae ends and you begin. 

With Jupiter bringing a ton of energy to the sector of your chart that governs spirituality, you should probably figure out what your psychic defense technique is going to look like between now and May 10th. You’re one of the most energetically absorbent signs in the bunch, which means your ability to pick up on the thoughts and emotions of others is going to skyrocket in the coming months. Do yourself a favor and fit in some extra meditations this month. Visualizing yourself in a ball of white, protective light can give you the tools needed to push out any energy that doesn’t belong to you. Start by practicing this protective bubble each night, and you should be able to activate it on a subconscious level whenever other people are trying to throw their mess into your aura. 


Angel numbers, animal messengers, and synchronicities are all coming for you this month, so you better start paying attention! Connecting to the world you exist in is the key to unlocking your psychic potential right now, as the universe uses the material realms to communicate. Don’t feel bad if you’re not “feeling” your spirit team around you: the hummingbird that appeared in your window while you were sad, the fact that you keep seeing 11:11 everywhere, or random pennies on the ground are all tools the other side could be using to let their presence be known. So go ahead and ask the universe to send you some signs, because it certainly will. 

When it comes to matters of the heart, a telepathic element is coming to the table, as Mercury makes its way through the sector of your chart that governs love. Don’t be surprised if you and bae start thinking the same thing at the same time, since your connection is sure to be strong right now. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking you know your partner without fail, with Mercury heading retrograde on the 14th, you could end up with some crossed wires. Even if you and your boo are like two peas in a pod, it might be smart to check in with their emotions every now and then, just to make sure you haven’t missed something.. 


Get ready to embrace the creative outlet of your choosing, because the other side is going to speak to you through the arts this month! Getting lost in a passion project will feel much like a meditation right now, as the universe looks for ways to inspire and motivate you. Lighting candles and meditating before your art sessions can seriously up this ante, especially if you set an intention to connect with your guides while you work. You could also gain information on how your guides look, if you opt to engage in a drawing or painting session while asking them to show you their image.. 

You’ll feel a shift on the 19th when Aquarius season begins, and the sun enters the sector of your chart that governs daily routines. This solar placement will act as a wakeup call if you haven’t been taking care of yourself lately, and your intuition could take a hit because of it. Keeping a consistent eating, sleeping, and exercise schedule will go hand in hand with your ability to connect with the other side, so make sure you’re embracing healthy habits. Integrating a daily spiritual practice like morning meditations, daily tarot pulls, or even reading your horoscope can also open up that third eye of yours. 


The Capricorn new moon on the 2nd will ask you to get witchy at home, as the cosmic powers that be encourage you to create a sacred space for yourself. This theme will continue throughout most of the month, which could inspire you to perform a ritualistic house cleansing, bury protection jars in your yard, or even erect a new altar in your space. Look for ways to incorporate magick in your domestic life by using certain herbs for their healing properties when you cook, visualizing your aura becoming cleansed as you shower, or by adding pine oil and baking soda to your floor wash for that added element of psychic protection. 

A shift will manifest on the 29th, when your ruling planet, Venus, concludes its retrograde motion. Things could get a little rocky in the days leading up to this shift, so it’ll be important that you are extra loving and gentle on yourself. Self-care plays a legitimate role not only in your emotional wellbeing, but within your intuitive health as well. Lean into rituals that celebrate divine feminine energy, even if you are male identifying. Ritual baths, aromatherapy, along with pink and green candles will all act as stabilizing tools as this upheaval occurs, helping you land safely and softly on the other end of this retrograde.  


You could be putting intuitive blocks up right now without even realizing it, dear Scorpio, as the sun continues its journey through stoic Capricorn. Emotional walls don’t only create distance within your earthly relations, but within your spiritual ones as well. Taking stock of your emotions and making sure you’re maintaining an open heart will be huge for you right now, especially when it comes to nurturing your psychic gifts. If you’re having a hard time opening up, try practicing some gratitude work by finding beauty in the work around you. Making the extra effort to open up to your family and friends will also help you navigate these cosmic currents, so don’t hold back when it comes to discussing how you feel.

On the plus side, this same energy can be used to your benefit, especially if there are any people you need to push out of your life. Take some time to consider who is contributing to your happiness, versus who is taking from it, and begin to draw lines from there. Avoid giving your attention and energy to people who leave you feeling energetically drained, and invest in those who lift you up and leave you with an optimistic disposition. You’re one of the most independent and stubborn members of the zodiac, but even a fierce water sign like yourself can be influenced by who you’re surrounded with. As the first month of the year unfolds, do yourself a favor and cut ties with anyone holding you back.


It’s totally okay if you want to invest in some new spiritual tools this month, darling Sagittarius, so go ahead and get that fancy wand or tarot deck you’ve had your eye on. With the Capricorn sun shining a light in the sector of your chart that rules money, this is also an opportune time to perform some money magick, especially during the new moon on the 2nd. The universe will look for any reason to throw prosperity in your direction, making it important that you’re looking for opportunities to earn. If you’ve been wanting to start a spiritual side business, this month could also help you lay down the foundations for your dream, though you should wait until February to launch such ventures. 

The Cancer full moon on the 17th will trigger your emotional side, which can help you connect with the universe and those around you. This energy is perfect for a ritual of any sort, though it’ll be especially powerful when it comes to releasing trauma, relationships, or behavioral patterns that have been holding you back. You may also notice more paranormal activity around you on this day, as the moon opens up a portal between you and the other realms. This is a great time to host a seance or practice your mediumship skills, since the veil separating you from the other side will be quite thin.  


With Capricorn season in full swing, you can bet the universe will be looking for ways to communicate with you right now. Messages from beyond the veil could come in the form of dreams, synchronicities, animal speak, or even via psychic premonition, so you’ll want to keep your third eye peeled. Try to keep in mind that the other side is looking to advance your agenda right now, but only if your intentions are honorable. It’s totally valid to want to improve your circumstances, but not at the expense of someone else. Ask the universe to help you in ways that won’t impact others negatively and you should receive the guidance needed to manifest your heart’s desire. 

This month holds an opportunity to develop a new psychic ability as well, as Mercury makes its way through Aquarius, activating your solar second house. These vibes are perfect for practicing psychometry, which is the ability to pull information from objects. Holding a crystal in order to understand its healing properties is perfect for this cosmic climate, which can also improve your connection to “energy work.” You may also notice that you feel more sensitive to the energy of buildings or items that once belonged to someone who has crossed over. If you really want to take this elevated ability for a spin, consider going on a ghost tour, to check out your local haunts. 


Your psychic senses will be on fire this month, as the Capricorn sun activates your solar twelfth house, illuminating hidden information. Pay attention to your personal hunches, especially if you think someone around you might be up to something shady. People will try to hide their darker side from you under this cosmic climate, but the universe won’t let anyone pull the wool over your eyes. Just remember that paranoia and intuition can oftentimes feel like the same thing. These vibes will be intense for you, which means fears could become highlighted as well. In order to navigate this energy in a healthy way, take some extra time for meditation each week, so you can sort through and truly understand what’s happening in your mind and heart. 

Your clairaudient abilities will get a nice boost this month, as communicative Mercury moves through your sign. Pay attention to the little voices in your head, as it’s likely a guide is trying to speak with you. Automatic writing can also help you connect with this ability, which will be especially helpful for anyone who isn’t prone to hearing messages. When you have some free time be sure to engage with this practice by lighting a candle and entering a meditative state. When you feel relaxed, begin writing or typing whatever comes to your mind, but try not to think too much about what you’re articulating until the exercise is over. Once you’re finished writing, go back and read what you wrote, to see what the other side had to say. 


With Jupiter camped out in your sign between now and the beginning of May you can expect an increase to your luck and psychic abilities. This planetary placement is very much in the spirit of where energy flows manifestation grows, which means you’ll need to prioritize your focus. Putting yourself first might not always feel natural, but with the universe looking to drop opportunity in your lap, it’ll be important that you do. Your aura will begin to expand in the coming months, which means keeping bad people and their murky vibes away will be imperative to your psychic wellbeing. Be sure to carry black tourmaline anytime you venture out into the world, and anytime you feel like others could be gossiping about you.

Meanwhile, with Mercury camped out in the sector of your chart that rules the subconscious and the unknown, your psyche will be quite busy processing emotions and information throughout the month. As the planet of communication enters its retrograde motion on the 14th, trauma from the past could begin to resurface. Be extra gentle on yourself right now, especially if you find yourself remembering pain from days gone by. Just be extra cautious when it comes to dealing with ex lovers or friends, since they’re likely to pop up during the second half of the month. People may try to emotionally manipulate you into letting them back in your life, but it would be unwise to invite a known wolf into your home. 

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