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Multiple UAPs filmed in California

Multiple UAPs filmed in California

A strange grouping of UAPs was recently captured on video in the sky over Menifee, California.

The glowing object or objects “moved slow and appeared and disappeared,” according to the witness.

“Watch this awesome catch in California,” prolific UAP expert Scott Waring wrote on his website. “The witness saw these objects appear and unite and then shoot into the clouds and vanish several times. This seems to have no other explanation except possible alien craft flying together.”

The person who shot the video of the UFOs stated, “Strange lights over Menifee, Ca. Moved slow and appeared and disappeared, they seemed to become one then disappeared and one would reappear and the up to four. This happened about three times before disappearing into the clouds.”

“This is very peculiar. I’ve never seen earth bound entities do anything like this,” one viewer commented. “Could be atmospheric life forms. There’s always the potential it could be alien.”

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“I saw these and filmed these lights as well,” said another viewer who also witnessed the UFOs. “My video is not as clear as this, but show the objects moving in the opposite direction after changing course. I can send you what I got if you’re interested.”

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