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Nessie hunter captures footage of 10ft ‘black shape’ moving in Loch Ness

Nessie hunter captures footage of 10ft ‘black shape’ moving in Loch Ness

A veteran Loch Ness Monster hunter spotted something unusual moving through the waters of Scotland’s famous loch.

Eoin O’Faodhagain, who is no stranger to hunting for Nessie given that he has reported several sightings over the years, was monitoring the live feed from the Visit Inverness Loch Ness (VILN) webcam near Fort Augustus when he spotted something moving in the water.

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“I noticed a splash and movement on the screen coming into view on the right, and a long black shape, and I immediately started a screen recording of this object,” he said.

“I got excited because it remained on the surface of the water, moving very slowly, unlike a large fish that would leap out of the water, but would then submerge.”

“This object was no fish, or a log for that matter – it was moving in a controlled speed, slow, unlike a log which would be moving with the current.”

“I believe it is a live creature.”

The footage, found above, captures something in the water, but it is difficult to make out what it could be.

The sighting is the 7th this year, with the last one being back in October.

“I believe in the Loch Ness Monster after witnessing a live sighting in July 1987,” said Eoin.

“I think my video and photos on Saturday have proven the existence of the monster and brought her from folklore to reality.”

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