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‘Nessie’ Spotted off England’s Coast

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‘Nessie’ Spotted off England’s Coast

‘Nessie’ Spotted off England’s Coast

Visitors in Clevedon were left awestruck over the weekend when they caught a glimpse of what some claim to be none other than the Loch Ness Monster. The creature reportedly moved through the waters next to the town’s iconic Victorian Pier, leaving onlookers stunned and captivated.

While out on a stroll along the seaside with her six year-old daughter Grace, Anna Purse was astonished to witness a ‘sea monster’ several feet long bobbing in the water – prompting many onlookers to quickly snap photos.

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Mrs Purse said: “Myself and my six year-old daughter Grace were walking along the seafront on Sunday and were sitting on one of the benches before the pier. The shape was right next to the pier and I noticed it moving.

“It moved all the way along the sea in front of us whilst we were sat there. My daughter Grace said it looked like a sea monster. Just the shape of it reminded me of Nessie.”

When others noticed the creature, they quickly took to social media to share pictures and comments. Many concluded that it must have been “lost” and far away from its home in Scotland. On a lighter note, some joked about how this sighting was related to the much-debated road project on Clevedon seafront.

A local resident commented that attempting to park on the ‘wiggly lines’ along The Beach was a struggle, while another declared: “Nessie getting a swim in before the council starts charging to swim to swim in the sea.”

 (Image: Anna Purse)

Aside from the famed Loch Ness Monster, other creatures have found sanctuary in the Bristol Channel such as porpoises, occasionally a dolphin, and seals. Tales of this mythical being have been told throughout Scotland’s Highlands for centuries.

This legendary creature has been described as large, having a long neck and one or more humps protruding from the water. Interest in this mythical beast has wavered since it was brought to light in 1933, though its existence still captivates many people around the world.

Whether this is actually the Loch Ness Monster enjoying a winter break in Somerset will never be known. But the likely explanation is far more simple – and less exciting.

Mrs. Purse said, “It was driftwood of course but just looked so unusual.”

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