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Paranormal investigator ‘attacked by spirit’ after warning ‘violence’


Paranormal investigator ‘attacked by spirit’ after warning ‘violence’

Paranormal investigator ‘attacked by spirit’ after warning ‘violence’

During a Facebook Live Stream, an experienced supernatural investigator believes he was targeted by a distressed spirit.

On Thursday (March 9), Matt Paranormal, a ghost hunter from Wrexham, Wales was caught off guard when the malevolent spirit suddenly attacked on his Facebook live stream.

Leveraging the ALICE box, a specialized software device used to contact spirits during paranormal investigations, he attempted to detect any supernatural entities in his vicinity.

In the initial minutes of a live stream, North Wales Live reported that an ominous box broadcasted out words such as “threat” and “violent”.

The 35-year-old dad-of-two then advised the spirit that he ‘wasn’t afraid’ of it, telling the entity they could ‘be violent towards [him]’.

“[That is] no problem with that at all. If you want to harm me then please come forward,” he said.

As the paranormal investigator was about to exit, he suddenly felt an excruciatingly sharp scratch on his finger.

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His gaze suddenly shifted downwards, and he noticed the vivid red hue of blood gushing from his right hand.

He experienced heavy bleeding for approximately 10 minutes, and believes the cut will permanently remain as a scar.

(image Matt Paranormal)

“No names were given at all during the session, so I’m not sure who the spirits were,” he said of his spine-tingling encounter.

The ghost hunter has become notorious for his acquisition of a mysterious, eerie-looking doll named Annie, and he firmly believes it may be possessed.

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