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Paranormality Magazine #23 Digital


Paranormality Magazine #23 Digital


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This month we’ll be exploring some of the strangeness in Ohio, New York City, the Carpathian Mountains, and Ireland. We’ll take a walk through the liminal non-place known as The Backrooms, and learn about the phenomena we all refer to as exorcism.

We’ll examine the role of trauma as it relates to paranormal experiences, hang out with a wrestler who aptly calls himself Bigfoot’s Best Friend, and get to know not one but two authors with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the unsolved.

Fans of the long-running series of novels The Dresden Files are in for a treat as we chat with Jim Butcher about his work, his perspective on the paranormal, and what his journey as an author has been like over the last 20 years. We also talk with Richard Moscella about his experiences with the intangible.

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