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Scuba diver rescued by ‘mermaids’ off Catalina Island

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Scuba diver rescued by ‘mermaids’ off Catalina Island

Scuba diver rescued by ‘mermaids’ off Catalina Island

The scuba diver who was rescued by a group of “mermaids” must have felt like he was in a Disney movie.

Pablo Avila was scuba diving near California’s Catalina Island when he began to lose consciousness and drift underwater.

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His friends leapt into the water to save him when they realized they were surrounded by mermaids.

“We’re pulling him, and we’re getting a little winded and a little tired out and then out of nowhere, a bunch of mermaids show up,” Avila’s friend, Javier Claramunt, recalled to Fox 11.

While the women appeared to have mermaid tails, they were actually sporting diving fins. They were training for the Professional Association of Diving Instructors Advanced Mermaid Program when they realized that a diver was in trouble.

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After swimming over to Avila, the group lent a helping hand in getting his gear off and bringing him to shore. They provided mouth-to-mouth CPR until paramedics arrived and took over.

Elaina Thomas, a mermaid-in-training, and her group were practicing the protocol for rescuing another mermaid when they noticed a man struggling in the water. Elaina observed that the man was coughing foam, which is a sign of an air embolism. She then put into action what she’d learned in order to rescue him.

“It’s not just blowing bubbles,” Thomas said, of being a mermaid. “It’s hard work, but it’s worth it!” 

According to Fox 11, Avila has recovered and is doing well.

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Source New York Post

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