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Senators slam president for lack of funding for new AARO office

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Senators slam president for lack of funding for new AARO office

Senators slam president for lack of funding for new AARO office

Until recently, the Pentagon’s UFO investigation office was staffed with only 3 full-time employees assigned to their latest project.

Last year, the government established the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) to take over from its predecessor, the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF). This new effort is designed to go beyond merely “standardizing” UFO sightings and actually investigate them. UAPTF was a crucial first step in achieving this goal; however, AARO promises an even more thorough approach that will lead us toward finally uncovering these mysterious phenomena.

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An alliance of 16 US Senators, including Republican Marco Rubio and Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand, have issued a warning letter to the Pentagon that due to an inadequate budget, it will be unable to adequately complete its mandated tasks.

“The amount outlined in the classified attachment is crucial to AARO’s scientific plan, and the lack of funding for these capabilities presents a serious impediment to AARO’s mission,” the letter reads.

To demonstrate how serious the situation was, AARO had only 3 full-time staff members until very recently.

“They have a couple of extra helping hands but it’s a small office in Crystal City, Virginia,” said one source. “However, I suspect they are in the process of bringing more on board.”

Another source who visited the office, meanwhile, described it as a “cave of winds”.

“Mostly empty desks, but there were perhaps 4-6 people around as I recall, including Sean [AARO director Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick] and his Deputy,” they said.

“It is certainly true that AARO did not receive adequate funds to support its work to include money for R&D and analysis.”

It is yet to be determined whether the letter will provide additional backing for the office.

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