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Skinwalker Ranch

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Skinwalker Ranch

If you’ve got even the most fleeting interest in the paranormal, you will probably have heard about Skinwalker Ranch in the Uinta Basin.

From Skinwalkers, UFOs, Portals, to Bigfoot Skinwalker Ranch A Paranormal Melting Pot Worth Taking A Look At.

If you’ve got even the most fleeting interest in the paranormal, you will probably have heard about Skinwalker Ranch in the Uinta Basin in Utah, USA.

For centuries the Uinta Basin and has been one of the most active paranormal sites in America. Even before settlers moved in, the Uinta Basin was known for its unusual energy and supernatural events.

Needless to say, any European settlers that moved in didn’t stick around for long and quickly hightailed it out of there, claiming that they’d “seen things they couldn’t explain.”

Native American legends claim it was the home of Skinwalkers and other forest spirits. They even claimed that it was in the middle of the “Path of the Skinwalker,” a region that emanated evil energies. 

If the word Skinwalker isn’t already creepy enough, the meaning behind it will definitely chill you to the bone. 

According to Navajo folklore,  the Skinwalker is an evil shape-shifting creature said to have the ability to morph into a plethora of terrifying creatures.

The local indigenous people of the region, the Utes, will not go anywhere near Skinwalker Ranch and take the legends very seriously. 

They believe Skinwalkers are potent spirits here because of a curse put on them by the Navajos many generations before. The Utes say the farm is “the path of the skinwalker.” Tribe members are strictly forbidden from going onto the property, and it seems to have been that way for a long time.

According to locals, 500-acre Skinwalker Ranch (also sometimes referred to as UFO Ranch or Sherman Ranch) has been a hotbed of UFO activity since the early 1950s.  

It wasn’t until the mid-90s that Skinwalker Ranch solidified its name and reputation in paranormal circles when Terry and Gwen Sherman (pseudonyms) and their children purchased the property in 1994.  

When the family moved in, they found deadbolts on the doors and windows.  You might think, “Typical home hardware.” 
Not when you find out that the deadbolts were on the INSIDE and the outside.  

There were also heavy chains around the property that looked like they could restrain a large animal.

During their time on the ranch, the family endured multiple cattle mutilations.  They would routinely find their cattle dead or missing without a trace.  Some reports say they lost up to 20{58fbaaeb3d88bae51ddfeee79f8ae14a7bb41c4b8de510627d9b95f0573fcc51} of their head of cattle to these bizarre mutilations. It’s totally normal for any herd to lose a few of its members – but 20{58fbaaeb3d88bae51ddfeee79f8ae14a7bb41c4b8de510627d9b95f0573fcc51}? Any rancher would tell you that’s way above average.

The dead cattle were found totally drained of blood and had organs removed with surgical precision. There was no trace of bleeding or blood in the surrounding area, and no evidence that would suggest a predatory animal was in the area picking them off.

Often the mutilations were carried out while ranchers were close enough that they should have heard or seen something.  But they were executed so silently that no one noticed them until the animals were already dead.

In one event, the family saw an abnormally large wolf attacking one of their cattle. 

Even though they shot at the wolf multiple times, hitting it point-blank, there was no reaction from the wolf. 
It seemed unphased by the shots and continued to attack. 

After being shot six times with the handgun, the wolf ran off and finally vanished.

Other phenomena the Sherman’s witnessed were crop circles, hearing disembodied voices narrating what people on the ranch are doing, in real-time and inanimate objects moving in front of their eyes. 
There have been sightings of Bigfoot-like humanoids, sea-snakes, strange birds, and a whole zoo of other, out of place, animals on the property.

The family also reported seeing UFO activity around Skinwalker Ranch.
Their field was lit up (without any apparent source) as if it were by “football stadium lights.”   They saw a UFO “larger than two football fields” and alleged alien figures “over seven feet tall.”

A rather sad account is told of the family dogs chasing after the lights in the sky into a wooded area.  The next morning when the dogs hadn’t returned, the Shermans went looking for them only to find a small pile of ashes in the place the dogs had headed.  
Did the UFOs retaliate at the barking dogs?  
The dogs were never seen again.

After two terrifying years of increasing paranormal activity, the family was eventually driven from their home and vacated the property in 1996.

Later that year, billionaire Robert Bigelow (Budget Suites) bought the Sherman Ranch for $200,000.  
He made it the home base of a paranormal research group called The National Institute for the Discovery of Science, which operated until 2004. 

The group’s findings and official stance were that the UFOs seen in the area were “not consistent” with current military aircraft technology.

It is also reported that Bigelow received $22million in 2007 to conduct his research at the UFO Ranch from an unclassified government program called “The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program” that began investigating UFOs.

Skinwalker Ranch has been dubbed UFO-Alley by many locals.  Those who nearby Sherman Ranch barely bat an eye at the lights in the sky.  It’s the folks who have spent time on this ominous property that tells a different tale.  

Most think of UFO Sightings and “lights in the sky”  as tiny pin-pricks of light somewhere off in the distance or high in the night sky.  But the strange lights reported on Skinwalker Ranch are said to move as if by intelligent design and have an energy that inspires dread in anyone nearby.

Then there’s also the little matter of the “hole in the sky” that has been reported.

Witnesses have claimed to see “a giant hole open in the sky.”
And as if it were a portal to another dimension, they report seeing a “different sky and time of day” on the other side.  There have also been sightings of UFOs flying in and out of the vortex.

People who have witnessed the vortex describe seeing a bright, orange sky inside. 

While UFOs seem to be what most paranormal enthusiasts attribute the strange goings-on at Skinwalker ranch, some believe that there are much darker forces at work. Demons.  This idea might tie back the Native American belief that Skinwalkers are witches who committed heinous acts to become immortal, superhuman shapeshifters.

Whatever the truth is at the core of what’s happening at the Skinwalker Ranch, one thing is for sure – it’s a strange, scary, and tumultuous site of unexplained activity.  

Given a chance, would you visit Skinwalker Ranch?  

If you answered “Yes” to that question, one brave soul who came to Sherman Ranch to meditate might encourage you to reconsider.

He had a run-in with a creature said to resemble the Predator from the Hollywood movie by the same name. 

There is a creature on Skinwalker Ranch who has the same cloaking technology as The Predator. Its natural appearance has never been seen, but flickers of a strange “translucent being” have been noticed, moving from bush to bush.

The man was meditating, sitting with his eyes closed, when one Sherman noticed the Predator-like-creature quickly approaching the man.
It got within a few inches of the man and let out a guttural roar. 
The meditating man opened his eyes and was confronted with the horrifying image of the weird, camouflaged creature.

Terrified, he ran for his life.
He has never returned to the Skinwalker Ranch.

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