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The Blood Monarchy

The House of Windsor has been the focal point of many outlandish conspiracy theories. Some have called it the capstone of the New World Order Pyramid, and some think of it as a group of shapeshifting lizard people, hidden in plain sight.

The Blood Monarchy

One of the obvious reasons that these theories exist is the simple fact that we just can’t get a peak behind the Windsor curtain. Most ‘normies’ saw the infamous Oprah interview back in March 2021 as a rare opportunity where that curtain was peeled back, where us common folk were able to peer into the private world of Megan and the clone of Prince Harry. They played their roles well during the two hour long talk, undoubtedly, and at least some of the viewers empathized with lil’ ole’ Mrs. Markle – not knowing that she herself is of royal descent. That’s right! Meghan Markle’s story isn’t that of an LA model who was held back by her skin color and her inner conflicts of being so rich and successful, try as they may to convince us of this dynamic. According to her own half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr., she shares the bloodline of Scottish king Robert the Bruce and King Edward III! As is common when discussing royal lineage, there’s a healthy dash of incest involved. Edward III is a distant relative of the current queen and it happens to make Meghan and Harry 17th cousins.

The Blood Monarchy

It’s an accepted fact that the royals like to keep the power in the family, and the controversial marriage of a not-so-fair-skinned American and a Duke was no different! However it is interesting that, according to British geneticist Adam Rutherford, virtually every human with predominantly British descent is related to Edward III.

As if the connection between Meghan and Harry wasn’t strange enough, the history of the Windsor bloodline runs much deeper and even darker than that. Charles, the Queen’s eldest son and the Prince of Wales, has an incredibly demonic and cannibalistic ancestry. According to the Romania tour store website Charles is the great grandson 16 times removed of Vlad the Impaler through the consort of George V and Queen Mary. Bram Stoker’s timeless novel, Dracula, was based on the figure Vlad the Impaler, who was said to have drunk the blood of his victims and to eat parts of their body so as to harvest their essence.

Vlad the Impaler’s actual name was Vlad Dracul meaning son of the devil. However, Dracul itself means dragon in Romanian and the members of the Dracul family were affectionately known as Order of the Dragon. Now, this is where things get weird: Vlad Dracul was the Prince of Walachia, a region of Transylvania. This, of course, is the land from which the vampire, according to folklore. In addition, Prince Charles’ kingdom of Wales takes its name from Walachia. And, even more, the flag of Wales is emblazoned with a red dragon!

Pretty on the nose isn’t it? So, in sum, the heir to the bloodline of Dracula – the crown member of the Order of the Dragon, is considered one of the most beloved public figures in modern history. The prince oversees the state of United Kingdom, one of whom’s provinces wave a flag that pays tribute to one of the most brutal warlords ever known. Any engaged spectator to this circus has to agree that this is no coincidence.

Maybe us kooky conspiracy nuts aren’t all that crazy for believing that the royals drink blood after all. According to multiple medical reports, the family also suffers from a very rare iron deficiency known as porphyria, which can be quite deadly. It shouldn’t go unnoticed that these folks tend to live for a very long time despite this rare disorder. Maybe they’re blessed with equal parts funding, power and luck – or maybe they’ve tapped-into some unconventional means by which to achieve centurial lifespans.

For the full story of the Royal Vampire Bloodline, please listen to the Dangerous World Podcast’s Episode 108 – The Crown’s Dark History, Bloodlines, Vampires and More! We are available anywhere you listen to podcasts!

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