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Time travel is possible with ring laser says physics professor


Time travel is possible with ring laser says physics professor

Time travel is possible with ring laser says physics professor

After the heartbreaking loss of his father when he was only 10, Ronald Mallett found solace in the work of HG Wells and Einstein; these literary geniuses ultimately motivated him to carve out a career as an eminent theoretical physicist – with one ultimate ambition: constructing a time machine.

Ever since Ronald Mallett was a child, he has been captivated by the notion of time travel. At 77 years old, the ex-University of Connecticut physics professor is still standing behind his theory that spinning laser loops can permanently bend time.

Recently, The Guardian published a new article chronicling the story of Mallett and his incredible idea to create an artificial black hole in the form of a ring laser. This could potentially lead to loops of time being formed and provide people with a way to visit their pasts. His revolutionary invention has captivated audiences all over the world.

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Since 2019, Mallett’s prototype has been continuously creating a spinning beam of light and inventing the possibility that gravity can be altered by light. In his words, “Light can create gravity, and if gravity is capable of affecting time – then so too must light.” This remarkable theory could potentially unlock secrets about how to manipulate time itself!

“Let’s say you have a cup of coffee in front of you right now,” he explains to The Guardian. “Start stirring the coffee with the spoon. It started swirling around, right? That’s what a rotating black hole does. In Einstein’s theory, space and time relate to each other. That’s why it’s called space-time. So as the black hole is rotating, it’s actually going to cause a twisting of time.”

Begin your journey of exploration somewhere, and you’ll be twisting and turning before you know it. “The Wright Brothers didn’t just build a plane,” he said a couple of years ago.

“First, they actually built a wind tunnel to determine the best configurations for aircraft wings. When it comes to a time machine, we need to build the wind tunnel before we can think about building the plane.”

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