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Video: Singer-Songwriter falls in love with ‘ghost of a Victorian soldier’


Video: Singer-Songwriter falls in love with ‘ghost of a Victorian soldier’

Singer-songwriter Brocarde, 38, from Oxfordshire, went on This Morning and says she’s in love with a ghost named Eduardo and that their ‘relationship’ is ‘very emotionally driven’

Brocarde recalled being first ‘visited’ by the spirit Eduardo, a Victorian soldier who died at 35 after falling down a well, during a thunderstorm.

She said: ‘It was a typical horror movie day, I was at home, I had fallen out with one of my friends, I was really, really upset, I was trying to fathom what was going on with my friendships, and I felt this burning sensation in my heart. 

‘My chest was exploding, it was a physical burning and a deep pain in my chest. It was alarming because initially it was really intense and I was struggling to breathe.

‘I was propelled forward. I was shaking, I was sweating and tears streaming down my face… I reached over to my bedside table to try and turn the light on and this hand grabbed my arm and threw it back.’

She goes on to say that Eduardo is a very jealous spirit. He would push her had while she was doing her make-up before she would go on dates.

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Eduardo does have a sweeter side or creepier side, however, you want to look at it I guess. He will appear when Brocarde is in the shower and draw “love hearts”.

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