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6 People who might actually be time travelers

Time Travel

6 People who might actually be time travelers

6 People who might actually be time travelers

Time travel has been a popular topic in fiction for centuries, but it’s also something that some people believe could be real. There are many stories of people who claim to have traveled through time, either through memories or physical experiences. Here are six people who may have really been time travelers.

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William Robinson who disappeared in 1843 and reappeared 30 years later with no memory of what happened to him

The mysterious case of William Robinson, who vanished in 1843 and showed up again 30 years later with no memory of his whereabouts, has become quite the urban legend. The story goes that he woke up one morning to find himself in Germany with no explanation, excepting a vague feeling that something strange had happened and that he had been gone for a very long time. Since then, multiple theories have come forth attempting to explain the disappearance, including the assumption of a mind-controlling cult or an alternate timeline. Whatever may have befallen him during those lost 30 years remains a mystery to this day!

Andrew Carlssin who was arrested in 2002 for stock market fraud but claimed he came from the year 2256

In 2002, Wall Street was rocked by an unprecedented incident. Andrew Carlssin was arrested for stock market fraud after unexplainably and rapidly accumulating a portfolio worth over $350 million in just two weeks of trading. During his trial, Carlssin made the startling claim that he came from the year 2256. Mysteriously enough, there were numerous reports corroborating his story though not all could be verified. His motivations remain a mystery but his tale may have shed some much needed light into the future.

John Titor who appeared on message boards in 2000 claiming to be a time traveler from 2036

The story of John Titor is truly fascinating, as it appears he first showed up on message boards in 2000 claiming to be a time traveler from the year 2036. He claimed that he had traveled back in time to recover an IBM 5100 computer, one specifically used for debugging other computers’ software. The purpose was to save the world from coming disasters that were due to happen in 2036. Although skeptics remain unconvinced and suggest that Titor was simply a hoax or even an alternate personality disorder, it remains an interesting and mysterious story about a person who claims to have time traveled from the future.

A man known only as “The Time Traveler” who showed up at an event in New York City in 1981 dressed like he was from the future

In the summer of 1981, a mysterious stranger showed up at an event in New York City looking like he had walked out of the future. Known only as “The Time Traveler”, he was wearing a curiously advanced outfit with features that were far ahead of their time, including leather boots and a self-contained breathing apparatus. To the amazement of all who gathered, this stranger claimed that he had come from hundreds of years in the future to witness first-hand how human progress could shape our destiny. Despite the incredulity expressed by many, there are those who believe this story is true and that The Time Traveler is also still traveling through time even today!

A woman named Sarah Thomas who appeared in London in 1788 and said she was from the year 2089

Sarah Thomas made quite the impression when she appeared in London in 1788 and claimed that she had come from a future time period – the year 2089! Described as being of medium height, with dark wavy hair, blue eyes, and dressed like no one seen before in England at the time, it’s no wonder why her arrival quickly generated a stir. While many were skeptical of Sarah’s story, her mention of events that hadn’t yet taken place have left people intrigued ever since. Such an incredible story has generations of people pondering how Sarah Thomas was able to find herself in 18th century London!

An unidentified man who showed up at a party in San Francisco in 1998 wearing a device that looked like it could be a time machine

In 1998, the residents of a San Francisco neighborhood were stunned when an unidentified man showed up at a party wearing a mysterious device that looked like it could be a time machine. While many speculated about what the contraption really was, none could explain its true purpose or why it had been brought to the gathering. To this day, no one knows who the visitor was or where he came from. All we have to go on is speculation – and lots of questions – about whether he was actually a time traveler or if his device had more mundane origins.

It’s not just time travelers who have made bizarre claims about their travels through time; people from other dimensions and parallel universes have also shown up, sometimes with photographic evidence to back them up.

-While it’s impossible to know for sure whether any of these people are telling the truth or if they’re simply hoaxers or lunatics, one thing is for certain: their stories are fascinating and leave us wondering about what else might be possible.

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