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Deceased daughter made a special appearance at parent’s wedding


Deceased daughter made a special appearance at parent’s wedding

Deceased daughter made a special appearance at parent’s wedding

This wedding crasher was a godsend to the bride, bringing unexpected joy and excitement to her special day.

Upon seeing her wedding pictures, a new bride and mother of four was astonished to spy the faint outline of what she suspects is the spirit of her late daughter looking out from behind a tree.

“I don’t believe in many things,” As Leah Murphy, 33 years old from Australia recounts in her heartfelt testimonial on TikTok. “But I believe she was there to watch myself and her dad get married in honor of her.”

@leah29murphy I don't believe in many things, especially with the recent loss of our daughter had me thinking she wasn't there sharing our special day with us, and this proves otherwise. I'm forever missing you my little shadow. 👼🏼💕#infantloss #paranormal #fyp #foryoupageofficiall #fypシ #tottymurphy #mybabygirl @[-O-] ♬ original sound – payton

On a heart-wrenching day in September 2022, Murphy’s infant daughter Totty tragically perished from an accidental drowning at the tender age of seventeen months.

Murphy’s post, which earned 1.3 million views and counting, included a breathtaking photo of her embracing Cecil in an emotional kiss amidst the vibrant green scenery from their outdoor wedding ceremony.

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In the background of the scene, a blurry silhouette that looks strikingly similar to a child is seen as if observing their affectionate display from afar.

(image TikTok/leah29murphy)
(image TikTok/leah29murphy)

“The recent loss of our daughter had me thinking that she wasn’t there, sharing our special day with us,” wrote Murphy, in part, in the caption of the clip, “[But] this proves otherwise.”

And compassionate viewers agreed.  

“My jaw dropped then the tears came. That’s [definitely] her,” wrote a convinced commentator. 

“My tears instantly started falling once I seen her. She was making sure you would know she is always there with you,” said another. 

“She looks like she’s wearing a lovely light summery dress. She’s with you,” another encouraged. 

To conclude her video, Murphy wrote an emotional tribute to her beloved little one in the caption, proclaiming: “I’m forever missing you, my little shadow.”

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