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Mysterious artwork found in desert overlooking Las Vegas

Mysterious artwork found in desert overlooking Las Vegas

Atop a rocky plateau overlooking Las Vegas lies a mysterious work of art.

Although it can be hard to make out amongst the sea of stones, if you observe closely enough, you’ll detect that specific rocks on the plateau have been strategically arranged. Even when standing right before them, they are still unperceivable.

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From an aerial view, either via a drone or Google Maps, the mysterious land art reveals itself to be an immense triangle with a face at one corner and yin-yang symbol in another. Its exact origins remain unknown; however it is evident this impressive piece has been standing here for some time.

When approached for comment, the Bureau of Land Management that owns the property was not aware of its existence. Likewise, they have no knowledge on who constructed it either.

Not long ago, while strolling his canines Jaxx and Sophie up the rugged hill just west of South Fort Apache Road and Cactus Avenue – where Mountain’s Edge neighborhood in Southwest Las Vegas meets with the desert expanse- Dr. David Golan made a peculiar observation nearby.

Standing atop one of the formations, Golan and Brandy Moore were awe-struck by what they could only describe as a hidden-in-plain sight masterpiece. Suddenly, he noticed how each rock casted its own unique shadow below that added to the entire picture before them; an epiphany which proved too beautiful for words.

“I was at the very top up there looking down, and realized there was this just this pattern in the rocks, and I realized it’s a face and a yin and yang sign,” said Golan, 60, a former University Medical Center trauma physician who now operates clinics in Las Vegas.

After the 20-minute climb to the artwork on Thursday, Golan described what it looks like to the naked eye when you’re standing in front of it. Rocks piled up in some areas and cleared away in others, he said.

“You can’t see the image from the ground,” Golan said. “All you can kind of tell is that there are rocks piled up.”

Whoever completed this laborious task must have devoted a great amount of time and effort, for the rocks are heavy and jagged. Moreover, each side of the triangle, including its face and symbol is more than 50 feet in length!

After initially discovering the mysterious artwork, Golan snapped some photos and noticed a face in them. After searching Google Maps, it was clear that there was an intricate triangle with a face and symbol drawn on it. To further investigate its origin, he ran a search through Google Images to see if any similar pictures existed online yet couldn’t find anything related.

Golan, who has been strolling his pooches up the hill regularly for five years and hadn’t noticed anything until a couple weeks ago, shared images of the artwork on Facebook. Astonishingly, it seemed as if no one had any knowledge of its existence.

“I think someone did some pretty miraculous artwork up on the top of the hill, and I’m just surprised no one took any credit for it,” Golan said. “It’s kind of a beautiful piece of artwork and it’s just sitting here.”

Asked why someone would create the artwork, then not take any credit, Golan said, “That’s the mystery.”

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