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The untold story of the Fresno Nightcrawlers part 2

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The untold story of the Fresno Nightcrawlers part 2

The untold story of the Fresno Nightcrawlers part 2

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The untold story

Back under the scorching Fresno sun, Rogelio finishes telling me about his experience with the Nightcrawlers. But that is not the end of the story. Actually, the story is really just beginning.

“I don’t know when this house was built, and I don’t know the history. But weird things have always happened here ever since we moved in.”


The next story Rogelio shared with me completely dropped my jaw and honestly changed my entire view of the Nightcrawlers and the potential situation surrounding this case. Rogelio mentions how their house has had issues with trouble making kids however, these kids just appear at times in the house.

He can’t always see them but he and his family can oftentimes hear them moving throughout the house. When asked to expand upon this Rogelio tells me about a time his brother Jose could feel them in his room. Jose said out loud for whatever was in his room to “show itself”.

Jose then witnessed a child’s face appear in his closet. The face was pale white with solid black eyes. Rogelio says the kids never go to sleep. They are felt in the house at various times throughout the day.

The family has witnessed a baby crawling on their floor, a girl entity that hides behind furniture (almost resembling a game of peek a boo), constant “pitter patter” footsteps, and a heavy feeling of being watched in the house.

Rogelio makes it known that many of his family members cannot sleep with the lights off and they are afraid to investigate further to make the activity worse. But what he says next is really odd. “They are our friends now, we let them know they can stay and just not to spook us anymore”.


Black eyes of fear

What is being described sounds so eerily similar to the black eyed kids (BEK for short) phenomenon, with slight variations. Reports of BEK’s usually revolve around a child/children appearing at a doorstep asking for permission to be let into the home/premises and the experiencer becoming overwhelmed with complete and utter fear.

This situation does not involve the classic BEK encounter but if you pay attention closely it has all of the hallmarks of a BEK case. A child with solid black eyes did make an appearance, Jose and the family admitted to feeling absolutely terrified, and the family eventually did give the entities permission to stay at the house (seemingly the goal).

One aspect of this case that has been consistent from Rogelio, Victor Camacho, and even interviews with Jose before his passing was that Jose was terrified of the Nightcrawlers. It has been mentioned time and time again that he began to fear even leaving the house. For creatures that the general public finds adorable, this is a very curious reaction.

One of the main checkmarks in BEK cases is the immense fear the experiencer is overcome with when confronted by these entities. What if the Nightcrawlers were not exactly cute walking pants cryptids but an “unformed putty” of “the other” carrying out an agenda more closely related to BEK’s?

I know this is a bit of a jump for those who may be into a more conventional analysis of anomalous phenomenon however, we are discussing walking pants monsters and humanoid children. Conventional analysis may have no grounds here.

And there is one more thing to analyze. I want to make this statement respectfully and I bring it up only in terms of analysis of the case.

There is strong lore that giving BEK’s permission to enter a household can bring about harm or death. Jose did, unfortunately, pass away after this incident. It has been noted that some visual depictions of Azrael, the angel of death features the being with solid black eyes.

Rogelio and Victor Camacho both pointed out that the first Nightcrawler seen on camera had solid black eyes.

The Nightcrawlers size matches the haunting reports of children in the household. Perhaps these visions of children were harbingers or omens in some way. Rogelio noted that after Jose’s passing the activity did fade drastically but not entirely.

There does seem to be grounds here for an overlapping phenomenon with perhaps more sinister intentions. By no means am I suggesting all anomalous phenomenon is negative in nature however, it is difficult to spin BEK reports in a positive light.


But why are they walking paints

So, the final question is what exactly did show up on the camera that November evening in 2007? What were those beings exactly and why are there so few reports of anything similar? I believe it all depends on the context in which you view incidents of high strangeness.

Maybe these beings really are just undiscovered creatures out for a late night stroll in Fresno and just happened to walk by a house with a surveillance system. But, the context in which Jose and his family experienced this event seems to direct and intentional to be a mere cryptozoological coincidence.

These anomalous events seem to have a reflective nature to the experiencer. More and more it seems these anomalous beings witnessed are an allegory for the message they are trying to impart on the experiencer.

Whether that is in the form of a ghost, an alien grey, Bigfoot, or even a BEK. Perhaps, it is all a mask from some unknown intelligence choosing what to show us. But, what happens when we choose to see the other side?

I had to reach out to my friends in the magick community to shed some light on this practice. I’m exposed to the idea of triangles of practice from the Goetia. Goetic triangles of art are key in the summation of Solmonic magic.

Occultists have often pontificated on the idea of triangle UFO’s essentially being magic entry points. Having the ability to appear in our reality and essentially being a gateway from another world/realm/plane of existence.

Usually, the triangle object is seen in the sky and then anomalous activity ensues much like in the Terry Lovelace incident I covered in issue #15 of the magazine.

And then it hit me, the Nightcrawlers are essentially walking triangles. We focus on the legs and stumpy head. But, look at the shape formed in the outline of these entities.

They form a triangle. Perhaps, the Nightcrawlers were a peek at “the other” in the form needed to manifest in our reality. I think back to when Victor Camacho made the statement of arguable seeing a flash before the Nightcrawlers appear.

Could these beings have flashed into our reality only to take on the form of a BEK later for Jose and as ghost children for the remainder of the family?



What I do know to be true is this case is so much stranger than I ever imagined. I was fortunate enough to get the full incident from the people who experienced it and lived through the ordeal.

The camcorder Jose used to film the Nightcrawlers from that November 2007 night is now in possession of Paranormality Magazine. Possible proof of the anomalous was just sitting in a home in Fresno unexamined by the world.

The issue is the tape seems to be jammed in the camcorder and Rogelio fears removing it may damage it forever. Skeptics would say this is once again a convenient issue to stop any real analysis of the original footage.

However, this is nothing new in the grand scheme of the paranormal. In George P. Hanson’s “The Trickster and the Paranormal” the idea of “the phenomenon” negating itself is discussed. Seemingly all empirical paranormal evidence seems to always end up vanishing or destroyed somehow.

Take for example the original Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film (missing), the Sandra Mansi negative photo of Champ the lake monster (thrown away), and now the original Nightcrawler footage (trapped in a camcorder and possibly damaged).

But what I do feel the truth is that Jose and his family did not fake this incident. One of the most popular theories facing the Nightcrawlers is that the video is an elaborate hoax. Yet, explaining how it was accomplished seems to lack any concrete answer.

Hell, a famous tv show with a decent budget couldn’t recreate the footage. Getting the opportunity to talk to the family in person opened my eyes to just how frightened they were and how little they wanted to do with anything potentially paranormal.

With Rogelio’s statement of the fear of a “drive by” the likelihood of a prank being performed in this neighborhood after midnight also seems unlikely and potentially dangerous to the prankster.

I think something truly anomalous walked across this lawn in Fresno, California. The goal and objective of the beings may have potentially been sinister. The full anecdotal account has now been told. And the empirical evidence sits dormant waiting for a day to be examined.

This article is dedicated to the memory of Jose.

If you would like to see us turn this story into a documentary and possibly be able to see the original footage please let us know in the comments.

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Nick Valenzuela Is the creator of California Creepypasta and Lead Journalist for Paranormality Magazine. Nick has been fascinated with the strange and mysterious all his life. Add to that, a zest for the open road and throwing myself with reckless abandon into adventure (sorry mom). Nick is a native Californian. A graduate of the Warren Institute for Paranormal Studies as a certified paranormal investigator. "I consider myself a Fortean and open minded researcher. "

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