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NDE, woman revived after 14 mins recalls her 5 years in heaven

NDE, woman revived after 14 mins recalls her 5 years in heaven

Dr. Lynda Cramer vividly recounted her near-death experience, which revealed that according to medical records, she was clinically dead for an astounding fourteen minutes!

After she was clinically dead for more than fourteen minutes, a woman with an extraordinary experience to share recounts what she saw in the afterlife: a mountain range ‘30,000 times huger than Mount Everest’.

As Dr. Lynda Cramer made her way to the restroom in the wee hours of May 6, 2001, she abruptly ‘died’; however, according to her testimony it appears that death did not prove final as paramedics rushed onto site—she had gone to heaven and returned.

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Following her resuscitation, she recounted all that had transpired during a five-year-long experience.

In her interview with NDE Diary on Youtube, Dr. Cramer shared an incredible experience – she recalled that while paramedics treated her lifeless body, she rose above them and explored the afterlife in any form of her choosing.

She recounted numerous awe-inspiring views that were unrivaled by anything on this planet.

Image:  NDE Diary/YouTube

Describing one of his most impressive moments, Dr Cramer described what he called the “field of flowers,” stating that it felt like standing at the base of a mountain range 30,000 times greater than Mount Everest.

“There’s a huge mountain range over in the back of wherever I was. I could see buildings with skyscrapers. Dubai are like little miniature huts in comparison. I saw lakes, I could see everything in a panoramic view.” She added: “So I’m there interacting with people, talking to people, becoming them.”

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