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Project Pegasus, Did DARPA Invent Time Travel

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Project Pegasus, Did DARPA Invent Time Travel

Project Pegasus was the classified, defense-related research and development program under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in which the US defense-technical community to achieve time travel on behalf of the US government. Project Pegasus was conceived as a follow-on to Project Horizon, a study that had been commissioned by the US Army in 1957 to investigate the possibility of placing a human settlement on the Moon. Project Pegasus built upon Project Horizon’s findings, in developing the technology to allow time travel.

Project Pegasus was successful in developing time travel technology, according to Andrew D. Basiago, one of the Project’s participants has come forward to reveal Project Pegasus’s accomplishments to the public.

Basiago is a lawyer and writer who served as a child participant in Project Pegasus from 1968 to 1972. In 2010, he ran for Governor of Washington on a platform of making the disclosure of Project Pegasus’s time travel technology to the American people one of his top priorities if elected.

Basiago has stated that Project Pegasus was able to send him and other participants on “jumps” into the future, as well as into past events and locations. Basiago has also said that he met with numerous historical figures during his time with Project Pegasus, including Abraham Lincoln, Ben Franklin, and John F. Kennedy.

Basiago’s disclosure of Project Pegasus’s time travel technology has been met with skepticism by some, but he remains adamant that the project was a success and that its findings should be made public. Whether or not Basiago is able to convince the public of Project Pegasus’s reality, his story is an intriguing one that provides a glimpse into the potential of time travel.

Do you believe that Project Pegasus was able to achieve time travel? Do you think that Basiago’s claims are true? Let us know in the comments!

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