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Rest in Peace Linda Godfrey


Rest in Peace Linda Godfrey

Rest in Peace Linda Godfrey

Paranormality Magazine is saddened to share the news that ‘Beast of Bray Road’ author and pioneering ‘dog man’ researcher, Linda Godfrey, has passed away.

In 1991, while working as a reporter for a small Wisconsin newspaper, she became fascinated by reports of a strange werewolf-like creature that had been spotted in the area.

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Godfrey was initially skeptical of the accounts but documented them anyway in an article that would later be titled ‘The Beast of Bray Road.’ This article caused something of a sensation and led to her writing more stories as more witnesses came forward with their tales of encountering the unnerving bipedal canine cryptid.

Godfrey’s journalism background allowed her to approach the controversial subject matter in an open-minded and factual manner. Her coverage of the creature captured the public imagination in a profound way.

Eventually, the “dog man” became a well-known figure in the cryptozoological community, with nearly as many books, articles, movies, and TV programs dedicated to him as there are to Sasquatch.

Godfrey’s initial article put the ‘beast’ on the proverbial map and, after subsequent research, made her the preeminent expert on the oddity. She served in this capacity for thirty years and appeared many times on Coast to Coast AM, detailing not only her investigations into the creature but also those of other cryptids.

In addition to her extensive experience in the paranormal, Godfrey also researched and wrote 19 books on Bigfoot and other unusual creatures reported to have been seen in America’s Midwest.

Not only was she a staple at paranormal conferences, but forming long-lasting relationships with likeminded individuals while also collecting first-hand accounts of the paranormal from astonished onlookers.

By way of her work documenting the ‘dog man,’ Godfrey left an indelible mark on the world of high strangeness and will be deeply missed by both her colleagues as well as all those who were riveted by her coverage of the creature that, in a testament to her influence, many simply know as the ‘Beast of Bray Road.’

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