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Southern Demonology Press Release


Southern Demonology Press Release

Southern Demonology, the podcast that explores angelology, demonology, ghosts, spirits, and monsters from antiquity to the present day through an academic lens; has recently featured three guests that push exploring the demonic to new heights.

The first guest, who goes under the moniker of Litaroo, provided the hair-raising tale of a demonic haunting that robbed her of her hearing, her marriage, and the health of her family and lasted for years. This written interview, narrated by the host JJ, finally lists various protection methods one could use.

The second interviewee, Victor, provided three different tales of encounters with what Father Malachai Martin described as the “perfectly possessed,” or those who willingly enter into a possession with a demon. He goes into explicit detail on the characteristics that identify them as possessed in this fashion.

The last is an interview with Will, a practicing demonologist, who detailed what prompted him to join the field, how one could begin down this path of protecting others from dark spirits and demons, and several of the experiences he has faced while in the field.

JJ, the host and creator of Southern Demonology, states that not only was the experience of working with all three of these individuals a sheer pleasure, but the knowledge they brought to bear was absolutely incredible. To contact Southern Demonology for an interview or other queries, please email southerndemonology@gmail.com.

To listen to the episodes featuring these guests, please check out season 2, episodes 41 (Litaroo), 42-44 (Victor), and 48 (Will) which can be found at https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/southern-demonology-513547.

Southern Demonology was founded in 2017 in order to share academic research into Second Temple Judaism, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Pseudepigrapha, and how the sudden rise of dualism in Judaism still affects the modern world today. The host JJ has a MTS (Masters of Theological Studies) from Harvard Divinity School and has researched these matters for more than twenty years. The podcast receives over 700 hundred listens a week and features expert guests in addition to heavily researched episodes.

All of the links for the podcast can be accessed at https://linktr.ee/southerndemonology

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