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Top 25 Paranormal Podcast Chart September 2021

The Top 25 Paranormal Podcasts for September 2021 As Voted On By Listeners.

Hello Paranormal podcasts fan, it’s time for another Top 25 Paranormal Podcasts Countdown. We’re counting down the top 25 fan picks for September 2021. There are a lot of great new podcasts on the list this month. This is always amazing because you can get introduced to a paranormal podcast that you might not have heard about but should be listening to.

Be sure to vote for your favorite podcasts each and every month.

25. Southern Gothic

24. Keep It Wierd

23. The Freaky Deaky

22. 222Paranormal

21. The Haunted Podcast

20. Somewhere In The Skies

19. Blurry Creatures

18. Paranormal or What?

17. Strange Familiars

16. This Paranormal Life

15. The Matrix Has You

14. Into The Fray

13. Necronomicast

12. Conspiracy Couple

11. Wierd Darkness

10. Holosky

09. Monsters Among Us

08. Project Dark Corona

07. Hillbilly Horror Stories

06. Praireland Paranormal

05. Curly Conspiracies

04. The Full Spectrum Project

03. The Tipsy Ghost

02. Stories With Sapphire

01. Let’s Get Haunted

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