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Video: New Tarot Deck Created To Celebrate Ufology

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Video: New Tarot Deck Created To Celebrate Ufology

Video: New Tarot Deck Created To Celebrate Ufology

A fun and exciting new Tarot deck: The UFOlogy Tarot, inspired by the history of UFOs.

The project is the brainchild of graphic designer Miguel Romero, together with Greg Bishop, Joshua Cutchin, Susan Demeter, David Metcalfe. Who all are right at home within liminal worlds, fringe studies, and arcane knowledge. This Tarot deck pays homage to prominent figures of the Ufology seeing the likes of, Dr. Jacques Vallee, Whitley Strieber, Ann Druffel, and J. Allen Hynek to name a few.

“The UFO field is 70 years old and in that time, the witnesses, the sightings, and those who study them have developed a rich history full of archetypal imagery,” the deck’s campaign page states.

“The UFO Tarot Deck is being created to educate, entertain, inform, and inspire those who use it with images and ideas that will give even the seasoned saucer student techniques to look at this enduring enigma with a fresh perspective.”

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