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13 Spooky facts about December 25th

December 25th is not just a day of joy and celebration, it also has a few spooky secrets. Here are 13 facts about December 25th that will send shivers down your spine:

1. December 25th is the birthday of Aleister Crowley, a notorious British occultist who was known for his involvement in black magic and witchcraft.

2. Christmas Day is the longest night of the year in some parts of the world, making it ideal for those seeking paranormal activity.

3. In the UK, it’s traditional to leave out mince pies on Christmas Eve so that Santa can have something to eat when he visits during the night – although this tradition may also be linked to stories of ghosts visiting people’s homes.

4. December 25th is known by some as ‘Stir Up Sunday’, a day on which people traditionally make their Christmas puddings – according to folklore this will bring good luck for the coming year.

5. The famous Philadelphia Experiment of 1943 allegedly took place on December 25th and involved the U.S Navy reportedly making a warship invisible and teleporting it from one location to another in a matter of seconds.

6. In Mexico, Christmas Day has become associated with La Llorona (The Weeping Woman), an old story about a woman who drowned her children in a river out of grief for her lost love, and now haunts those who hear her cries.

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7. December 25th has been linked to reports of UFO sightings, with a particularly famous one occurring on Christmas Day in 1965 when an Australian man claimed to have seen a UFO resembling a flying saucer over his property.

8. In some cultures, it’s believed that any children born on Christmas Day will have the ability to see ghosts or predict the future when they grow up.

9. It’s also said that unmarried women who sleep with an apple beneath their pillow on Christmas Eve might dream of their future husbands that night!

10. Some churches hold special midnight Masses on December 24th and 25th, which is believed by some to be more powerful than at other times due to its proximity to the solstice.

11. December 25th was once the official date given to those believed to have died of vampirism, according to some old folklore traditions.

12. Christmas Day is said to be a time when ‘The Veil’ between our world and the spirit realm is at its thinnest, making it easier for spirits to cross over into our physical space.

13. Many cultures believe that sprites and fairies come out on Christmas Eve to play in the snow and light up the night sky with their firefly-like lights.

These 13 spooky facts about December 25th are sure to add a touch of mystery and magic to your holiday season. From ancient rituals to mysterious creatures, this day has a long history of association with the supernatural – and it’s still celebrated as such today! So be sure to keep an eye out for any signs of otherworldly activity this year – you never know what may have crossed over from the spirit realm into our own!

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