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Can Bees Unlock The Secrets To Antigravity?

In my first book, I included a short anecdote about a strange encounter I had with a man in Morocco. This story came up in the context of a possible human explanation to the UFO phenomenon. I was discussing the story of the Nazi Bell, a reported super weapon or piece of tech that many thought to be an anti-gravity device

Into this famous story, I weaved this personal anecdote. It was about a strange man I met twice while I was traveling in Morocco. The first time we met at a roadside cafe, through a mutual friend. We were naturally talking about the paranormal and conspiracies when he told me one of the most interesting stories I’ve ever heard.

He told me that his father had been deeply involved in the CIA, and that he had made a considerable amount of wealth through operations centered in North Africa and Europe. He was an older man, and the way he spoke about his father it was clear that he had passed some time ago. But through his father’s connections, this man claimed that he had met people who had flown UFOs. He told me that Mankind had figured out antigravity technology a while ago, and that the source of this knowledge came from… Honeybees.

Yes, that’s right, bees. He said that bees are too large compared to their tiny wingspans and thus, mathematically speaking, are too heavy to fly. He told me that bees simply get around this, because they have an anti-gravity chamber in their thorax, and it was from this part of the bee, that scientists were able to study, apply and recreate these concepts on a larger, saucer shaped, scale.

Now I initially dismissed this story upon its first telling. In this line of work, you hear lots of crazy stories, it’s kind of the entire point. This one was one of the crazier ones, and I filed it away in my mind as such.
A few weeks later, we were passing through Tangiers, when the same man sent me, and my traveling companions an invitation for lunch. We met him outside the city at his home. Our taxicab took us out of the city and up the seaside cliffs to where luxury homes cling to the cliff sides. Luxury homes turned to mansions and castles as we pulled up to our destination. I was told the neighbor was the princess of Spain, it was her vacation home. And her next-door neighbor was a strange man, who did not work, but had ties to intelligence.

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Now obviously this doesn’t prove that UFOs are powered by bee-based technology. It doesn’t even prove he worked for the, CIA But it was at least a little bit of a confirmation that this man, at the very least, came from a family with some powerful connections. And it was enough of a twist to cement the two encounters, and the story, in my mind. Of course, I still did not put much weight into this Bee theory. That was until a new development.

Recently I did an interview with the Sensible Sociopath Podcast. Unlike most of the shows that have covered my book, this show was more of a comedy/general topic show, compared to those that focus more on the paranormal. It was a great interview with lots of good questions and interesting discussion about the subjects in my books.

At one point during this interview, they brought up this Bee Anecdote. One of the hosts had found that small digression of special interest. That was because it was strikingly similar to a story that he was told. Without getting into too much detail, he told me that a close friend of his grew up in a military family.

This person and their siblings went on to join the military, just as their father had. Now according to his close friend his father was involved in some shady dealings. The son did not know much about this work as it was classified, but he came to the understanding that his father was essentially a Man and Black. The details of how he came to this conclusion were not given, but he had come to believe that his father was involved in black projects centered around UFOs.

Eventually, the father retired and grew old, without ever telling his family more about his clandestine work. On his deathbed, his son pressed him for more information. The only thing his father told him was “ Look at the Bees”.

Now the son shared this with his friend. The two of them often pondered these cryptic words. They had both personally been of the belief that the message had something to do with how Bees communicate. That was until the friend read my book and heard my outlandish anecdote. He felt that these two stories were clearly related and so brought it up during our interview, of which I was surprised and delighted.

So, with this strange confirmation, I decided to do some research. Now, of course, everyone knows Bees are perfectly capable of flying, and I quickly found several articles that debunked the myth. They all repeated the same line, that bees flap their wings in a circular motion that creates wind vortices that give them the extra lift they need. This is true, for the most part.

I found a scientific study that was conducted last year that examined how much energy Bee’s used when flying and carrying pollen. They did this by measuring how much CO2 the Bees were producing as they worked. The results are fascinating, given the context of our discussion.

The Scientist found that Bees are able to carry nearly their own body weight in pollen and that when they are doing so, they actually use far LESS energy than they do when they normally fly. The researchers have coined this as the Bee’s ‘economy’ mode because they are using less fuel and doing more labor. When they activate this economy mode, they are able to support heavy loads while flapping their wings the same amount or less often than they typically do, despite the weight change.

Scientists know that this is a constant and documentable effect but have no idea what the mechanism is behind it. But we know, it’s obviously an anti-gravity chamber in their thorax, the very same kind of chamber that the Secret Space programs use to power their UFOs. Still a little outlandish to believe it’s true. But it might…bee.

I found another older study that examined how bees behave in zero gravity, their findings were also surprising, and lined up in a strange way with this anti-gravity hypothesis:

“A more dramatic study preceding the two aforementioned ones was conducted in the 1980s, when NASA sent bees into zero-gravity aboard a Shuttle Mission to assess, among other things, whether the bees would construct comb, and if so, what its properties would be (Vandenberg et. al, 1985). They found that the bees survived in zero-g and constructed about 200 square centimeters of comb and that the cells “did not angle consistently downward when built at zero-g.

These three studies point to the independence of comb cell orientation to gravity. This, despite evidence that honeybee workers have the ability to use hair plates on the base of their necks to detect gravitational orientation (Lindauer and Nedel, 1957). In other words, honeybees have an awareness of the direction of gravity, which they use for other purposes, but seemingly do not let it influence the orientation of their comb. How are they able to get away with this, given that resisting gravity loads is a key design requirement of nest construction from a structural standpoint?”

One of the biggest takeaways from this study was the notion of specific gravity sensing hairs, which they don’t use for building comb. Why would they evolve a special hair for this, especially considering gravity’s pull-on earth is a pretty consistent downward pull? Unless perhaps the bees used the hairs in conjunction with another gravity-based adaptation. This theory was beginning to line up in strange ways and only got stranger when I came across the writings of a long forgotten Russian scientist, Viktor Gerbinnikov………..

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