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Ghost hunters Linzi and Lee Steer claim to have captured chilling footage of a ghostly apparition believed to be the spirit of a little girl who drowned in a mining disaster almost 200 years ago. During their visit to Huskar Pit near Silkstone, South Yorkshire, on June 24, the couple initially thought they had not encountered any spirits. However, upon reviewing their footage, they made a startling discovery.

Upon returning home, Linzi and Lee were shown a screenshot from their live stream, which appears to show the ghostly figure of one of the 26 children who tragically lost their lives in a mine shaft flooding in 1838. The clip reveals what seems to be a motionless, white apparition “floating” in front of a tree trunk, unbeknownst to Lee as he walks away.

Linzi, a full-time ghost hunter, is convinced that the mysterious figure is that of a young girl dressed in a white gown, and she firmly believes it is a ghost. She explains that the child is believed to have been seen near the old “day hole” shaft, which was flooded when a nearby stream burst its banks nearly two centuries ago. The bodies of the deceased children were reportedly recovered from the site, washed, and dressed in white garments, which Linzi believes is the reason the ‘spirit’ appears in a white dress.

The experienced ghost hunter describes the footage as “heartbreaking” and admits she would have questioned its authenticity had it not been captured during their live stream. Linzi, who resides in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, expresses her certainty, stating, “It looks like a little girl standing there. I’ve captured a real-life spirit here. She looks like she’s wearing a little white dress, and I can see a little face, mouth, and two eyes. It appears as if she’s floating above the ground and she’s barefoot.”

Highlighting the significance of the location, Linzi adds, “It’s really interesting because I think it’s up near the day hole where the children sadly drowned. It’s bizarre.” She goes on to say, “I would say it’s possibly one of the children from the Huskar Pit. It’s heartbreaking to see. We didn’t see the image until we got home and noticed a couple of people had seen it. It’s mind-blowing.”

Linzi acknowledges that they rely on their viewers to capture screenshots of anything interesting, as they cannot monitor the screen at all times. She confesses that she sometimes wonders if people manipulate these screenshots but assures that the video footage confirms the apparition’s presence. Linzi firmly believes the figure is a spirit child, even though her partner, Lee, remains skeptical. She asserts that if they had posted the footage on Facebook without it being a live stream, people would accuse them of editing it. Nevertheless, she finds the capture amazing and suggests that the locals in Silkstone would be impressed if shown the footage.

Linzi reveals that they obtained intriguing readings on their ghost-hunting device, specifically electromagnetic field readings, while reaching out to spirits with questions. She expresses the emotional impact visiting the memorial site has on her. The Huskar Pit memorial, located just ten minutes away from Linzi’s residence, features a statue of a child miner emerging from a hole. The statue was commissioned by local residents in 1988 to commemorate the 160th anniversary of the tragic incident.

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With a substantial social media following of 2.3 million, Linzi and Lee regularly share their investigations, leaving their audience particularly unnerved by this recent discovery. Commenters on their social media platforms have described the apparition as resembling a little girl, commended the couple for their catch, and expressed awe at the remarkable capture.

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