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Giant Footprint Sparks Curiosity at Ancient Thai House

In a baffling incident that has captured the attention of locals, an unusual and oversized footprint has appeared near an ancient house, sparking intrigue among the community. The homeowner, Itthipong Boonpong, shared a video on social media showcasing the mysterious footprint, which is considerably larger than a typical animal print. The peculiar mark was found at an archaeological site in Ban Chiang village, known for its historical significance due to the discovery of ancient human remains.

The footprint, resembling that of a canine but of hand-sized proportions, raised suspicions about its origin. Itthipong dismissed the possibility of it being a dog’s print due to its enormous size, suggesting that if a dog were responsible, it would have to be as large as a tiger. Compounding the mystery was the fact that only a single footprint was visible, whereas a four-footed animal like a canine would normally leave a set of four prints.

Itthipong, the long-term resident of the house, revealed that the area was historically rich, yielding ancient skeletons, ornaments, and other artifacts from the Ban Chiang archaeological culture that dates back 5000 years. Despite the site’s potential, he refrained from excavating, leaving the grounds untouched. He also shared accounts of unusual occurrences in the house, such as vibrations and sightings of people, suggesting a haunting or paranormal presence. However, he remained unfazed due to his familiarity with the environment.

The footprint’s origin remained unexplained, leading to plans for further investigation into the ancient property. The house, numbered 154/1, holds historical significance as the first dwelling in the Ban Chiang community, which was established by Pu Khun Chiang Sawat, the village headman, after migrating from Laos. While the property is no longer actively excavated, locals are using the ancient house’s number for luck in endeavors like the lottery.

Adjacent to the property stands a Thipan house, donated to the Department of Fine Arts, which serves as a resource for studying the cultural practices of ancient inhabitants. The single mysterious footprint continues to baffle the community, adding a new layer of intrigue to the already historically rich site.

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