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Sleepy Scottish Village Revealed as UFO Hotspot, Claims Expert

A quiet Scottish village has gained notoriety as a hotspot for UFO sightings, according to a prominent ufologist. Malcolm Robinson, one of Scotland’s leading experts in the field, has spent decades studying UFO phenomena and has penned ten books on the subject. Robinson asserts that Scotland has been a UFO hotspot for years, with the famous ‘Falkirk Triangle’ being a particularly popular location for UFO enthusiasts. However, he believes that the coastal village of Muchalls in Aberdeenshire is an even more significant hub of extraterrestrial activity.

Muchalls, home to around 500 residents, is described by Robinson as a ‘UFO window area,’ where numerous unexplained sightings have occurred over the years. In his book, “UFO Case Files of Scotland Volume 2,” Robinson recounts some of the astonishing stories shared by locals.

One of the earliest accounts dates back to 1964 when a motorist, accompanied by his brother and mother, claimed to have pursued a bizarre ball of light through Muchalls and the nearby Hamlet Bridge of Muchalls before it suddenly vanished.

Another eerie incident took place in December 1971 when a resident named Tom Moir, who lived in the western part of the village, reported encountering three strange lights and a figure dressed in a long gown while walking home in the dark. Tom and his sister allegedly observed these lights in the same location for several years until he left for college.

Between 1988 and 1992, Tom continued to revisit his home in Muchalls to document the strange phenomena before relocating to New Zealand. His accounts prompted others to come forward with similar experiences, including an encounter with the gowned figure in 1968. Even a local minister, residing next door to Tom, seemed aware of these incidents, casually suggesting that a peculiar-looking bolt Tom found could have come “off one of those spaceship things.”

Remarkably, when Robinson’s book was published in 2011, reports of UFO sightings in Muchalls had significantly declined. Robinson noted the decrease in reported cases and expressed curiosity about the reason behind this decline.

Robinson stated, “Today Muchalls, (as far as we are led to believe!) sees very little in the way of UFO reports, and we can but wonder why. Muchalls, for some unknown reason, has joined the ranks of other British locations that have seen UFO activity, and we thank Tom Moir for sharing his UFO accounts with us.”

He also emphasized the credibility of Tom Moir’s accounts, describing him as an intelligent individual accustomed to identifying common aircraft and helicopters, but the objects he witnessed in Muchalls were beyond conventional explanations, leaving him with lasting memories of those experiences.


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