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Unique UFO-Shaped Home in Kansas City Sparks Extraterrestrial Enthusiasm

In a fascinating twist of architectural design, a one-of-a-kind UFO-shaped home has emerged in Kansas City, Missouri, captivating both real estate enthusiasts and fans of interplanetary exploration. Listed on Zillow, this extraordinary residence boasts three bedrooms within its spacious 2,400 square feet, featuring a distinctive absence of windows on the second floor. Priced at $349,500, the hexagonal paradise has garnered attention on social media platforms, with users sharing jokes and memes in response to its extraterrestrial aesthetics.

The remarkable dwelling, showcased in an image posted by the popular Twitter account Zillow Gone Wild, has ignited speculation and humorous remarks among netizens. One user quipped, “In light of recent UFO news, this Kansas City, MO listing seems to confirm their existence,” while another jokingly exclaimed, “Earth is overrated.”

The property’s listing description reads: “Are you ready for a home that is out of this world? Check out this newly-remodeled spaceship on Earth. This three-bed launch pad has all the extras to make you feel right at home. Amazing wood floors throughout. Gorgeous ceilings. If you have been looking for a home that is unlike any others, this is your match! Amazing location. Great lot.” The porch steps leading to the main entrance resemble the walkways seen in Hollywood films where aliens disembark from their crafts, enhancing the home’s extraterrestrial allure. The upper level protrudes over the lower level, creating a pronounced bevel that truly resembles a UFO.

The interior of the home continues the spaceship theme, with an angular wooden dome adorning the ceiling of the upper level, featuring a single menacing spike in the center. Due to its near-circular layout, the living room showcases an open hexagonal pit in the middle, complete with furniture thoughtfully arranged to accommodate the building’s peculiar shape. The rest of the house retains a more traditional layout, including standard bedrooms, a spacious porch, and a large enclosed garage with room for two cars.

According to realtor Branigan Barnett, who purchased the home from its previous owner, the property was built in 1968 by Kay Dennis, a lounge singer. Barnett explained, “I purchased the house about a year ago, and it had changed hands a couple of times since Kay was the owner and had fallen into a pretty serious state of disrepair. We did a complete renovation on the property, initially intending to make it an Airbnb. However, due to the city regulations and the robust housing market, we have decided to sell it.”

Intriguingly, Missouri has been a hotbed of alleged UFO sightings for over half a century, with recent reports suggesting that the state may become a favored destination for alien tourists. The ArcGIS Online Live Map reveals numerous sightings across the state, and this includes a noteworthy incident in Farmington, about 70 miles south of St. Louis. Residents there witnessed a bright light moving deliberately across the sky on the night of May 16, prompting speculation and intrigue. In light of this, a house bill has been proposed to designate Missouri as a UFO capital, further solidifying its association with extraterrestrial encounters.

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As this peculiar UFO-shaped home garners attention and piques the interest of alien enthusiasts and curious homeowners alike, its unique design and the captivating aura it exudes make it a standout property within the Kansas City real estate market.


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