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The House in Berwyn

By Ira Schafer

We moved into the house when I was six years old. I always had a strange feeling about the attic bedroom that I and two of my brothers shared. One left in two years for the Navy and marriage. The other, 15 years older than I, stayed until he was 30, going to college and later working at a famous retailer. This remaining brother thought tarot cards and the Ouija board were toys and used them extensively.

I always felt a presence in the attic room. This presence would seem to be in the room when the lights were off. I often felt that a person was watching me. The feeling was very frightening and evil. I often slept with my head covered.

The basement was always a frightening place after dark, and sometimes during the day. I could feel, but not identify a presence in the basement.

The doorway between the kitchen (which also had the entrance to the basement) and the dining room often felt crowded after dark. I simply felt that when I passed through that area, I was passing through a group of people.

When I was about 12 in 1976, I opened my eyes to see a man dressed in a blue sequined tuxedo and top hat come out of the closet and climb onto the foot of my bed. I covered my head and the entity left. I told no one about the incident. The next day, my mother described the same entity in her bedroom at the foot of her bed. He was dressed exactly the same as the entity in my room. I never mentioned the incident to either of my parents, even though it was obvious that Mom had been visited by the same entity as me.

We left that house in 1983. I have lived in many places in a few different cities during my lifetime. It is not unusual for me to be transported back to The House in Berwyn in my dreams to be plagued by an entity.

I have even had encounters with entities in other places where I have lived. In one place in another city, I remember feeling the pressure of an entity lying heavily on top of me. I have felt the pressure of someone sitting on the end of my bed.

I once saw a beautiful blonde woman come to my bedroom door in still another city. She also sat outside my living room window one night in my current city. They are the same city, though I think she may have been Resurrection Mary.

I deal with these entities by asking that the Lord God set out his Holy Guardian Angels to protect me. I am now 59 and still experience the disturbances and dreams associated with The House in Berwyn.

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