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Thai Canal Sparks Mystery and Urban Legends

In a harrowing incident along the Sanamchai Canal in Thailand’s central province of Samut Sakhon, a Thai woman narrowly escaped drowning, attributing her near-death experience to a chilling encounter with a ghost that allegedly compelled her to take a perilous leap off a bridge.

The dramatic ordeal, captured by a security camera at a canal-side restaurant, unfolded at 11 am on a recent day. The footage revealed the woman’s desperate struggle to stay afloat, her life hanging in the balance. Thankfully, a group of courageous individuals rushed to her aid, successfully rescuing her from the water’s clutches and promptly transporting her to a nearby hospital.


เด็กกระโดดน้ำบนสะพานคลองสนามชัย โชคดีที่พี่ช่างที่ร้านเราได้ยินเสียงพลเมืองดี ตะโกนบอกมีคนกระโดดน้ำลงไป พี่ช่างที่ร้านเราเสื้อน้ำเงินได้กระโดดลงไปช่วยน้องช่วยชีวิตขึ้นมาได้🙏🏻🙏🏻

♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – ฟินเฟ่อร์ หมูกระทะริมน้ำ

As the victim’s condition improved, her perplexed relatives embarked on an investigation into the mysterious circumstances surrounding her bridge jump. Their astonishment deepened when the woman recounted her unsettling encounter with a mysterious figure, a man cloaked entirely in white, who, she claimed, coerced her into taking the perilous plunge.

According to her account, the enigmatic figure had gestured to her while she was riding her motorbike along the canal. Intrigued, she parked her vehicle and approached the spectral stranger, only to lose consciousness soon after. The woman could recall only one chilling utterance from the eerie encounter, with the man repeating hauntingly, “I want you to die. I want you to die…”

Upon awakening in the hospital, the woman found herself in a state of confusion, as she had no prior health issues and had never harbored any thoughts of suicide. She firmly believed that she had fallen under the sinister influence of a vengeful spirit.

News of this spine-tingling incident quickly spread, prompting another woman, Onuma Tapianthong, to come forward and share her own eerie experience related to the same event.

Onuma revealed that she and her mother were traveling by car and had reached the bridge at approximately 9:30 am on the day of the incident. To her surprise, she spotted the same man in white attire, perched atop an electricity pole, an eerie sight indeed. She immediately queried her mother about the unsettling figure, but her mother claimed not to have seen anything out of the ordinary. In an attempt to unravel the mystery, Onuma returned to the bridge for a closer look but found no trace of the ghostly apparition.

Upon learning that another woman had also encountered the enigmatic figure, Onuma couldn’t shake off her goosebumps and decided to share her own supernatural encounter with the media. She even provided dashcam footage from her car, featuring her conversation with her mother, who consistently denied seeing the spectral figure.

It appears that urban legends may have played a role in the supernatural encounters witnessed by these two women. The Sanamchai Canal and its environs have long been associated with eerie tales, with some Thai internet users sharing on social media that the area was once a desolate spot where individuals tragically chose to end their lives. Additionally, stories of children drowning in the canal and fatal boat accidents only add to the eerie aura surrounding this location.


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