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Lake Champlain Monster Sighting on Sonar Sparks Excitement

A recent sonar reading from a boat on Lake Champlain has reignited the age-old legend of Champ, the elusive lake monster said to inhabit the waters. The captivating image was captured by Captain Scott Thurber on a chartered vessel last Sunday. Sharing the remarkable photo on social media, Thurber expressed his excitement, explaining that they had been fishing for lake trout when the mysterious object appeared on their Garmin Eco Map UHD.

In the sonar image, a large creature with a sizable body, fins, a long neck, and a possible tail can be seen gliding above what appears to be a group of lake trout resting on the lakebed. The sighting has sparked speculation among enthusiasts that it could indeed be the legendary Champ.

Katy Elizabeth, a dedicated researcher of the Champlain monster, was quick to analyze the intriguing sonar capture with Thurber. Both were left baffled by the image, as it didn’t resemble typical bait balls or any known aquatic species in the lake. Thurber dismissed the possibility of it being a normal phenomenon, stating that he encounters bait balls regularly during his fishing trips.

According to Thurber, there was a substantial school of bait fish approximately 100 yards away from their boat, leading him to theorize that the enigmatic creature might have been on its way to grab a snack from the bait fish gathering.

This isn’t the first time that Champ has been potentially spotted on sonar equipment. Katy Elizabeth herself has previously recorded compelling sonar readings during her numerous expeditions on Lake Champlain while in search of the elusive ‘monster.’

As excitement grows among enthusiasts and skeptics alike, the image has sparked a lively debate about its authenticity. While some believe it might indeed be a genuine encounter with Champ, others remain skeptical, attributing the sonar image to more mundane explanations.

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As the mystery surrounding the legendary creature persists, the photo adds another intriguing chapter to the folklore of Lake Champlain, leaving everyone wondering if Champ truly exists or if this latest sighting is just another unsolved puzzle in the vast waters of the lake.

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