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In a recent incident that has left the residents of downtown Alton intrigued, a woman reported encountering a strange creature while walking her dog late at night. The incident, which occurred near the Dunphy Building, has sparked discussions and speculation about the possible existence of cryptids and supernatural beings.

According to the woman’s account, the creature she saw was tall, dark, and had a human face that appeared white. Its eyes were said to glow, and it possessed long black wings, which allowed it to fly. The woman briefly lost sight of the creature but later spotted it again in a corner, where her dog reacted by growling, seemingly confirming the presence of the mysterious entity.

News of the sighting quickly spread when it was shared on Alton’s Facebook pages, prompting various responses from the community. Some individuals suggested the woman should consult a police sketch artist to create a visual representation, while others drew connections to the Piasa Bird, a legendary creature with man-like faces depicted in historical pictographs near Alton.

Interestingly, some commenters drew parallels to the Mothman, a creature that gained attention in the 1960s after sightings in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Although the Alton woman’s description differed slightly from the classic Mothman accounts, with black wings instead of white, the similarities in glowing eyes raised speculation of a connection.

The discussion expanded beyond Alton, with reports of similar creature sightings in other locations across the United States, particularly following a recent meteorite strike in Las Vegas. This broader context led some to believe that these encounters with cryptids were significant and potentially indicative of something momentous about to unfold.

Amid the various theories and speculations, one Facebook friend proposed a rational explanation. Referring to the woman’s description of the creature having a human face, she suggested that it could have been a large owl mistaken for something more supernatural due to poor lighting and viewing conditions. Barn owls, with their pale faces and forward-facing eyes, can sometimes appear eerily human-like when observed from a distance.

This hypothesis resonated with many, as it provided a plausible explanation that didn’t involve the existence of cryptids. The idea that the woman might have seen a barn owl roosting at the height of a tall human offered a sense of relief and closure to those who preferred a more grounded explanation.

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While the exact nature of the creature remains a mystery, the Alton community continues to discuss and speculate on the incident. Whether it was a genuine encounter with a supernatural being or a case of mistaken identity with an owl, the story has certainly captured the attention and imagination of the locals. For now, the downtown streets of Alton remain tinged with an air of mystery and intrigue.

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