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Former Diver Claims Prince Charles Piloted Secret UFO-Like Craft

In a startling revelation, Dan Costello, a former diver, has come forward with a remarkable account of his involvement in a secretive project that allegedly included Prince Charles. Costello claims that he worked as a diver on Project Scorpio, which took place in Sandy Point, Newfoundland. According to his extraordinary account, the Prince of Wales was involved in testing a peculiar helicopter-type vessel with UFO-like characteristics, sparking a wave of intrigue and disbelief.

The vessel in question, as described by Costello, had a round, UFO-like shape, featured a propeller, and was reportedly created by the American aircraft manufacturer Sikorsky. What sets this aircraft apart from traditional helicopters is the assertion that it was powered by magnetic force, not conventional engines. Although this unconventional craft does not have any extraterrestrial origins, it would still technically qualify as an ‘unidentified flying object’ (UFO).

However, the story takes a bizarre turn when Costello alleges that the Sikorsky prototype was an “electrical risk” and a target of attacks that resulted in the deaths of original Sikorsky engineers. He claims that numerous turbines experienced emergency shutdowns while submerged, necessitating special forces divers to enter high-voltage risk zones to prevent potential catastrophic events.

Costello goes on to claim that both Royal Navy Reserve members and Sikorsky engineering crews lost their lives due to terrorist and vandal attacks on the prototype. This aspect of the story lends an air of intrigue, akin to a Hollywood thriller. He further contends that King Charles, along with his 845 Squadron Air Crew, extracted the prototype Sikorsky after the original engineers drowned. According to Costello, the uncontrolled events surrounding the craft could have resulted in “mass death of tens of thousands” across three counties if not for the intervention of the Royal Navy.

In another extraordinary twist, Costello describes witnessing a pyramid-shaped UFO in Egypt and recounts a bizarre incident involving the Sikorsky prototype. He claims that an “uncontrolled burst of energy” from the craft caused a blue flame to emanate from its underside. This blue plasma-like pulse allegedly had the power to transform rocks into glass and tree limbs into cinders without the need for an open flame.

Describing the phenomenon, Costello states, “The heat transformed the trees along its semaphore line flight path instantly into wood ash. It carried along that path somewhat under control of a secondary large nosed rotary craft which looked like a giant Westhall Whirligig.”

The claims made by Costello, while captivating and seemingly fantastical, have yet to be substantiated. They have gained attention due to their peculiar nature, prompting further exploration in a documentary produced by Nub TV, available on Ayozat. Whether these claims are fact or fiction remains a subject of debate, leaving many intrigued and baffled by the astonishing narrative of Project Scorpio and the involvement of the Prince of Wales in this mysterious endeavor.


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