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5 Telltale Signs Your House is Haunted

As a paranormal enthusiast, have you ever wondered if your house is haunted? It’s not always easy to tell if those bumps in the night are caused by spirits or just the house settling. Here are the top 5 signs there may be ghostly roommates in your home:

Strange noises –

If you hear footsteps, knocking, voices or other odd sounds with no obvious source, it could be ghosts making their presence known. Pay close attention to when and where the noises occur.

Items moved or missing –

Do your keys or other objects seem to have minds of their own, moving from where you left them? Disappearing and reappearing in strange places? This apparent poltergeist activity may point to playful or mischievous spirits.

Cold spots –

Pockets of cold air felt even on hot days, especially in one specific area, may indicate a ghostly presence siphoning energy from the environment. Use a thermometer to check for temperature drops of 10 degrees or more.

Feeling watched –

Do you ever feel unseen eyes on you, even when alone? Some spirits may be curious or drawn to the living. Next time this happens, politely ask them to show themselves.

Shadow figures –

Catch a glimpse of a shadow person or strange shape out of the corner of your eye? While many instances are just tricks of the light, full or partial apparitions are a classic sign of haunting. Pay attention to where and when you notice them most.

If you’ve experienced any of these supernatural occurrences in your home, you may well have a ghostly guest! Now is the time to start documenting your observations and seeking out paranormal investigators who can confirm your suspicions. Just embrace the adventure – haunted houses are fascinating manifestations of the spirit world.

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