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Terrified Ghosthunter Swears Off Notorious Tunnel After Eerie Encounter

Renowned paranormal investigator Andrew Pollard, popularly known as the Yorkshire Ghost Guy, has declared that he will never set foot again in the infamous Cadeby Tunnel of Doncaster. Pollard’s recent visit to the tunnel for his latest supernatural investigation took a sinister turn, leaving him spooked and shaken.

During a previous exploration of Cadeby Tunnel, Pollard’s equipment captured an unsettling incident where a spectral voice lashed out at him with profanities before claiming to be trapped. However, his recent return visit proved even more chilling. After reviewing the audio recordings at home, Pollard was met with a bone-chilling voice issuing a clear warning for him to leave and never return. The voice on the tape distinctly uttered, “It’s him…get him out…get rid of him. Get out.”

Subsequent parts of the audio revealed further hushed conversations, intensifying the eerie atmosphere. Reflecting on the unnerving experience, Pollard expressed his decision to steer clear of the tunnel, especially when alone. He admitted, “My recent visit to Cadeby will be my last, certainly alone anyway. The thing is you don’t really know what you’ve captured with regards to audio until you get home. This visit really unnerved me because whoever or whatever is there clearly isn’t happy with me being there.”

One haunting tale linked to Cadeby Tunnel recounts the tragic fate of a young girl, known as the Mexborough Ragger, who lost her life there. According to legend, the girl was selling rags within the tunnel, but her attempt to escape an oncoming train ended in tragedy. Her spirit is said to linger within the tunnel’s depths.

In a video titled “Too Scared to Return,” uploaded on YouTube, Andrew Pollard is depicted navigating the tunnel alone, equipped with a K2 meter—a device used by paranormal investigators to detect fluctuations in the electromagnetic field, believed to signify the presence of spirits. As he explores, Pollard’s unease is palpable, as he audibly shares his discomfort and unease with the surroundings.

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During a past visit to the tunnel with a previous group, Pollard recalled capturing an eerie voice inquiring about the presence of a baby. He confessed, “It’s a place I’m a little wary of, to be honest even in the daytime hours. I didn’t actually see or hear the evidence until playback which is probably a good thing.”

In a related paranormal account, a woman recently claimed that her home is inhabited by the spirits of her deceased relatives. Jane Drew, 59, along with her husband David Drew, 68, a spiritual medium, purportedly share their living space with the ghosts of her mother and grandmother, who reportedly interact with the couple even sharing their bed at night. The uncanny occurrences in their home contribute to a growing fascination with the supernatural.

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