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Woman Recalls Alleged Alien Abduction Near RAF Base After 30 Years

In a surprising revelation, Gwen Blythe, a care assistant from Newmarket, Suffolk, claims to have recently recalled an alien abduction experience that occurred almost three decades ago near a prominent RAF base. During a regression therapy session, Gwen vividly described her encounter with a UFO, which resulted in a mysterious loss of an hour from her memory.

According to Gwen’s recollection, when she was 18 years old, she and a friend had parked their car by a road near Mildenhall air base. It was a dark night, and the only visible light was a red glow in the distance. Suddenly, multiple red lights appeared, moving erratically in a zig-zag pattern. One of the lights swiftly approached their location, revealing itself as a massive, 30-foot-wide burning orb. Despite its brightness, there was no sound or heat emanating from the object.

As the UFO hovered above their car, Gwen experienced a peculiar sensation of being “switched off.” She remembers being on a table while grey beings with almond-shaped eyes and long, slender fingers surrounded her. However, she could not recall feeling scared during the encounter.

After the incident, Gwen and her friend noticed that the car’s clock was flashing 00:00, despite her watch indicating it was 1 am. Alarmed by the strange occurrence, they hurried home, only to be followed by a black car without license plates and tinted windows. The presence of the car raised suspicions that someone might be interested in their whereabouts.

Upon reaching home, Gwen immediately wrote about the extraordinary events in her diary. However, she discovered that the entry for that particular day was missing when she revisited her diary recently. It was this discrepancy that led her to seek regression therapy, eventually enabling her to recall the details of her alleged abduction.

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Since then, Gwen has dedicated a significant portion of her life to researching UFOs. She claims to have encountered other individuals from her area who have shared similarly astonishing stories of close encounters. Gwen’s account adds to the vast body of UFO-related experiences, inviting further speculation and investigation into the existence of extraterrestrial life.

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