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Top Attorney Claims US Military Recovered Distorted Space-Time UFO That Was ‘Bigger on the Inside’

In a recent development concerning UFO disclosures, a prominent attorney, Daniel Sheehan, has come forward with astonishing claims about a crashed UFO allegedly recovered by the US military. Sheehan, who has been involved in bringing UFO whistleblowers to Congress, revealed that a whistleblower, who participated in an undisclosed program retrieving non-human spacecraft, shared mind-boggling details about the recovered craft. The attorney’s account adds to a series of remarkable claims made this week regarding the US government’s possession of crashed extraterrestrial vehicles.

According to Sheehan, the whistleblower recounted an incident involving a 30-foot saucer partially embedded in the ground, which exhibited extraordinary properties. As efforts were made to extract the craft using a bulldozer, it was discovered that the UFO had a pie-slice-shaped construction that prevented further removal. However, one individual managed to enter the craft and was astounded to find that its interior was as vast as a football stadium, despite its seemingly small exterior diameter of only 30 feet. Sheehan emphasized that the experience inside the UFO induced disorientation and nausea, and the person exiting the craft realized that four hours had inexplicably passed while only a few minutes had elapsed outside.

Sheehan further explained that both space and time were distorted in the vicinity of the craft, aligning with theoretical concepts proposed by physicists regarding advanced propulsion systems that manipulate space-time to counteract the effects of gravity. Despite the lack of specific details such as the location and date of the incident, Sheehan claimed that the whistleblower’s account provided firsthand testimony of the recovered UFO’s extraordinary properties.

While the Department of Defense has stated that it has not found any verifiable information supporting these claims, Sheehan has been actively assisting whistleblowers like David Grusch, a former senior Air Force intelligence officer, in their efforts to expose a government cover-up of extraterrestrial encounters. Grusch, who has submitted numerous classified documents and photographs to the DoD Inspector General, has briefed Senate Intelligence Committee staff on his findings. However, due to clearance restrictions, not all members of the committee have been able to access the materials.

Skeptics of these claims point to the absence of concrete evidence such as documents or photographs, questioning the credibility of the stories surrounding recovered UFOs held by secret government programs. Nonetheless, several senior intelligence officials, including Christopher Mellon and Dr. Hal Puthoff, have corroborated the existence of undisclosed US government programs involving the analysis and exploitation of materials recovered from off-world craft.

Sheehan, renowned for his involvement in high-profile cases such as the Pentagon Papers and the Watergate break-in, has focused his attention on UFOs in recent years. Representing Lue Elizondo, a former Pentagon UFO office director, in a whistleblower complaint, he aims to expose the alleged cover-up of military encounters with unidentified objects. With various avenues available for reporting these claims, including Congress and the designated UFO investigation task force, whistleblowers face challenges in navigating the complex landscape of classified programs.

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As more disclosures emerge and individuals like Grusch risk their professional reputations by coming forward, the public’s understanding of UFO phenomena and potential government involvement continues to evolve.

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