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Mystery creature slays dozens of cows in Colorado

Panic has swept through the small town of Meeker, Colorado as a result of numerous bovine slayings. Dozens of cows have been butchered, leaving locals asking what did it.

Despite the assumption that locating a culprit would be simple, local reports reveal no traces of this “creature” having been left behind – which makes it impossible to find and put an end to its havoc.

On October 2022, the Klinglesmiths’ family ranch became collateral damage of an unprecedented attack as 19 calf carcasses were discovered. The Debrief was the first to report this shocking news.

Astonishingly, some of the cows were missing their tails and showed evidence of injury from canine teeth.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Northwest Region Manager Travis Black said: “Our district wildlife officers are trained in identifying depredation primarily from bears and mountain lions. Wolves are a new one for us.”

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“A lot of those dead calves didn’t show any physical marks on the outside, but there were a handful of them that they determined were consistent with wolf depredation. That does not mean that we said wolves did it.”

A few months later, a formal declaration was issued to emphasize that “no wolf reintroductions have taken place”, Decades ago, wolves were driven from the region, leaving people puzzled about what was behind all of these cow deaths.

(Image: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

Despite a plethora of cameras and DNA samples taken, not an ounce of evidence was found in the area to suggest that wolves or any other creatures were present.

In an effort to uncover the source of the problem, scientists conducted tests to detect pathogens in the soil; however, their efforts were fruitless.

Following the discovery of numerous deceased cattle, a thorough inquiry was conducted which concluded after four months.

A spokesman for CPW said: “CPW investigators could not determine the exact cause of death for a few calves with hide damage and trauma consistent with a canine attack.

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