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Barista horrified when python drops from the ceiling

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Barista horrified when python drops from the ceiling

Barista horrified when python drops from the ceiling

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During her shift at a Thai coffee shop, the waitress was sent into shock when an uninvited python made its presence known. She reports that she is now “traumatized” and dealing with recurring nightmares; undoubtedly caused by the surprise of this slithery intruder’s sudden appearance.

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Fern, a 28-year-old server recalls the alarming moment when they spotted an aggressive customer. The creature had managed to slither its way through a gap near the café’s air conditioning unit and was ready to attack until Fern noticed it and panicked in terror.

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“When I saw the snake, I wanted to get out of the shop, so I ran,” Fern told Newsflare of the cringe-worthy incident in Nakhon Si Thammarat. “But then I saw the snake’s head hanging down and staring at me [so] I ran to the back of the shop.”

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Fortunately, construction workers standing outside the store heard the woman’s cries and quickly rushed inside. One of them single-handedly grappled with the snake while tugging it by its tail out to safety. He then called an animal rescue group who safely removed and released it back into nature..

The slithering creature was determined to be a reticulated python, which thrives in Southeast Asia. One of the largest snakes on Earth, these reptiles are capable of devouring humans as well as cats, dogs, birds, rodents and other serpents according to National Geographic. From jungles and swamps to channels and cities alike – run-ins with people tend not to be out of the norm for such massive creatures!

Fortunately, the only aftermath of the incident was a single broken jar in the shop. Despite this, unfortunately, it left a lasting effect on the hospitality worker who endured it as she is now deeply traumatized by her experience.

Viral Press

“I’m afraid if I open the door there will be a snake hanging there again. I’m still scared,” she said. “Many people messaged me asking if I was okay, and I told all of them that I am okay but I’m still terrified after what happened.”

some of Fern’s more superstitious pals told her she could be in for a love match any day now. “People say that if you see a snake, it means that you’re meeting your soulmate soon,” she said. “But if my soulmate comes as big as this snake, then I would rather not.”

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